Is the bad economy affecting your Bal purchases?

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  1. I notice not as many reveals lately and the HGbags website not selling as many bags as fast as it used to.

    I would love to buy a new bag but am scared with all the economic uncertainty.

    Anyone else feel this way?
  2. I have thought about this and am more careful in my decisions. I remember when you had to be online as soon as HGbags stocked or you would miss out. Times have sure changed, but additionally there have been quality issues and style changes that may be contributing.
  3. I do think the economy has something to do with it, but I also think that people (especially those if us who have been loyal to Bal for some time) are just tired of having to shell out more and more $$$ for less! Frankly, when i look at/use my old bags, it's a constant reminder of all the "cost cutting" measures that Bal has done in the last years .. and to then have to pay that much more .. NOPE.

    I also don't think people are too happy with the mini-Giant HW. I tried it out, but in the end, sold the bag 'cos I just wasn't "feeling" it.

    However, that being said, the market for luxury goods in Asia just keeps booming.
  4. I wish! :lolots:

    I have stopped looking at Bal for about a year and went off to other brands. Lately, I am back for more Bal due to my new baby. I love wearing my maxi twiggy so I wanted to buy more long strap Bal, like velo or town. I went overboard this month, bought a velo, pt and a town. Apart from my 'need', it's the price point, I got these at a really good deal and it's almost silly not to buy (at least that's what I told my husband). I also noticed that there are a lot of stocks and different combination at hgbags, that might be the reason why people not buying as fast, supply more than demand. I also noticed there are more second hand bal on the market.

    I do notice the leather difference. I wanted to sell my brand new plomb WE as I haven't used it, and don't know when I will use it. But when I compare the leather in 2007 and now, I am reluctant to let it go. I can never buy back that kind of leather nowadays.

    Put it this way, I would not buy any of new bags at retail, that just me. If it wasn't for the convenience, I don't think I would be buying more Bal. I will be using my other brand instead. But I have to admit that I do love the Bal with long strap, so chic and easy to wear.
  5. I agree with Ceejay I think it's a combo of both the economy & quality. People are more selective about their purchases and planing them out more opposed to buying on a whim when they first come out. Also with all the price increases we've had and the quality of the bags have gone down. Shrinking the GH while raising the prices, eliminating feet on PT's, the pocket on the mirrors, and the quality of the leather has been rather plasticy lately. Why spend more when your getting less for it?
  6. I don't have any Bals but something that happens in every industry is cost cutting to maintain profits. Prices go up but quality and where they get raw materials changes. Like with food, the packet and contents get smaller but not the price. Seriously how much is the value of a piece of leather and some rivets? I used to purchase leather myself to make skirts. If a skirt or jacket costs say $500. What price a bag? If they didn't sell ANYyou can bet the price may come down. Or more sales. Even in a sale they make a profit.
  7. Wow, wouldnt that be great if Bal ever lowered their price - just thinking of it makes me chuckle -
    I wonder where they will cut corners next?
  8. Not really. I stopped buying B-bags a few years ago because I got kind of tired of them and I had enough. Then every time I would see one, the leather would look dry. I did buy one about two months ago. But I probably won't buy another one for a very long time.
  9. I definitely think the economy is playing a role somewhat, and I certainly have slowed down buying Bal considerably. But, I also think that Bal is losing a bit of its "luster" probably because of the price increases and changes made over the years. But, I have a few LV's and was in the LV store yesterday. Business is booming there, and if you read the LV forum, there is no lack of excitement with the new LE Kusama bags - not my taste, but they are selling like crazy. So, if it is true that the economy is slowing down luxury purchases, I think that a brand like LV would be suffering too, but it doesn't look like they are to me.

    I don't think Bal has any more quality issues than they used to with the oldies - chevre could be great or not so great (dryness, veining, fading, lack of color saturation), but somehow these things were more charming, lol.
  10. LOL Nancy I don't think Bal will ever lower their prices on their handbags. Handbags are their bread & butter how else do you think they can fund such a icky clothing line?!? Most of their clothes are seriously ugly. Once in a while they'll make a nice pair of shoes, sandals, or boots. Outside of their leather jackets their clothing line is a joke, IMO.
  11. LV has actually reported higher sales since the rescission hit. I think a part of it is because people are being more picky/selective about what they are buying they want something that will last and LV has a reputation of high quality products. While all brands have QC issues a coated canvas handbag is going to last longer and look nicer longer than a all leather bag will.

    I don't get the hype over the Kusama line and I say this as a big dot lover I love polka dots but not this line. I found this collaboration really disappointing.
  12. I agree about Kusama and just don't get it, to be honest. I did like some of the other LE bags, cherises, etc., but this one not so much. However, I am a fan of the Speedy and the DE bags for the weather-resistance, etc. And, I agree it is hard to kill a canvas bag, lol. Anyway, back to Bal:smile:
  13. I also think you will see cost-cutting and quality issues with any brand as soon as a bag becomes more popular because there is a rush to produce more bags. And, the market for them has become much more saturated because of this so they are not as "exclusive" as they once were and, thus, were harder to get, which lead to the thrill of the hunt, lol. It was much easier to justify buying a bag on impulse when I thought it would take forever to find it again :smile:
  14. I admit: if I somehow got a pair of the C-3P0 gold leggings from way back when, I'd keep 'em. Not sure where I'd wear them, but I do whole-heartedly agree with this. :biggrin:

    On topic: but for a while there, I personally became more obsessed with makeup than I did with bags. I got my first Bal just before the dreaded switch to the G12 hardware. I'm not as impressed with RH (with the exception of the City, Twiggy/Maxi, or on Envelope clutches) on most bags, but with G21 bags largely being a thing of the past, I have to be quite selective of what I buy - if I am to buy a Bal. And I find RDC doesn't have that many GGH or RGGH 21 bags. That's just me though; I don't know how common my POV really is.

    I'm actually a lot more receptive to mono LV than I was in the past (SLG wise; I hate the look of logos being vomited all over the bag) and I do have a bit of soft-spot for the Cherry Blossom, Cerises & Grafitti LE lines. This Kusama line I can't understand the appeal of...

    But I do find generally, I've been looking most often at Alexander Wang (my last three purchases have been Wangs) - it's still got an edge I like and way too much hardware, but it's less than Bal too. Balenciaga has kind of been an afterthought; followed by LV (and I do think I'm looking at LV primarily because the sub-forum is so busy.)

    That said: when that HG GGH low-maintenance colour Bal shows up on my radar, it will be in my sweaty palms.
  15. i completely AGREE *C, that's why i am focusing on other brands ...