Is the baby cabas no longer available in stores? I really want to

  1. get one in the washed caviar leather. Am I completely out of luck and have to turn to eBay?

  2. It is so hard to locate one nowadays. I was lucky to get a white baby cabas due to one kind TPFer's help^^ I wish you can find one ASAP!

    The new cabas coming soon will actually be the Brooklyn cabas correct? Has anyone seen it IRL?
  3. pls call my SA, Alexis, at the Dallas boutique 214 520 1056. He's holding a black baby cabas under my name (Larkie)till end of day. I passed b/c I found one 2 weeks ago. Good luck.
  4. They are still available. Hard to find but they are. I was at Saks two weeks ago and they said they sold one the day before.
  5. Thanks. I just gave him a call. I really wanted one in Khaki, which he said is very, very hard to get. But I put my name down on the wait list anyway.
  6. I just spoke to Alexis & he's holding the bronzy color one for me when it comes in. He's very sweet.

    Thanks to ididb:heart:, I am getting my bag. Let's just call it my one year wedding anniversary gift to myself. :graucho:

    But don't tell my DH, he'll faint. :sweatdrop:
  7. This seller has two cabas, and I think they're pretty reputable, but post in the authentication thread to be sure