Is the Apple iTalk really in the works?

  1. Does anyone know whether Apple is actually working on a cell phone for a pre-Christmas release, either with Motorola or not? There is a fictional prototype video of a phone that I TOTALLY want, but I can't find any legitimate info as to whether such a thing will really exist. I don't want an iTunes/cell phone combo...I want a cell with Apple/Mac technology all the way around! :shrugs:
  2. :nuts: I have not heard of this, but I HOPE it's true. I absolutely love Apple and everything about it. I would definitely buy a cell phone if it was made by Apple, that one in the link you posted looks so fun and sleek and stylish!!
  3. OMG that look soooo cool, too bad i just got a new phone awww
  4. Hmm. The phone rendering on Mac Rumors is not nearly as cool as the one in that (fictional) commercial! Thanks for the info, though! I will keep watching.