Is the Antik Cervo Satchel still available?


Oct 31, 2006
that line is from 2006. but ashley tisdale's is from 2007 (i am still unsure who this girl is). if you see there is a seam line across above the logo. the first edition from 2006 does not have that seam line across the top. the antik cervo line came out in mid 2006 for F/W 2006. you are about 3 years too late :P

prada maintain the cervo line and there are more recent cervo bags. i personally feel the leather is as nice nowadays, but the more recent designs (after 2007) smell too much of cost cutting to me. so i have not been interested since. i think i am not alone. as the 2006 edition of the antik cervo range is still in demand.

i just sold my flat hobo in the same leather and colour that you are showing here (antik cervo in cacao). so you can look through ebay. from time to time they do pop up.

please note that at least with the cacao, the antik cervo leather in different bags has different grain, texture, and shade of brown as well as different gloss. they are not all the same in every bag.
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