Is the Antigona Comfortable??

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I was browsing the Givenchy section at the dept store and stumbled upon a medium Antigona which is stunning! I tried it on though and the short handles felt really stiff and hard, not very comfortable on my wrist. I could almost feel it getting sore within a few mins, I have a boney wrist or something haha. And the medium was a bit tricky to carry on my shoulder because it is so bulky.

    The small is adorable but the problem with it is having the handles in my armpit if I ever wanted to use the shoulder strap. The short handles seemed pretty stiff as well, although less so since the bag was not as heavy and more manageable.

    I am used to heavier bags so that isnt really the problem. I dont have any experience with Givenchy though. Is this bag one of those "suffer for fashion" bags? :lol:

    I am not sure if I tried on an unusually stiff medium since it was the only one they had. Does this bag eventually loosen up?
  2. I'm not sure about the handles getting softer at all, but I know with my small antigona, given that I don't have too much stuff in my bag, I can wear the bag not directly under my armpit but at the back a little? Like in the attached photo (excuse the awful photo, wasn't really intended for the forum haha).


    It relieves the annoyance of the handles at the pits but the bag is too gorgeous to worry about the handles. It's something I can live with but I know some people can't.
  3. Hello prettyvogue

    I've been using a medium calfskin Antigona for a few months and I'd say it's still rather stiff. It takes a while to get used to the stiffness but it got really comfortable after awhile, both arm carry and shoulder carry. Don't think it's a "suffer for fashion" bag.

    I tend to carry it in my arm around the albow area and it will leave red marks for about 30 min and disappear. Not sure if it's because of the weight though. (It is a heavy bag and you can stuff many things in!)

    Nevertheless I love it and never regretted my purchase :smile: hth !
  4. If you're asking if the medium Ant eventually slouches, then yes. It does smooshy and slouch after alot of use. Look at Miranda Kerr's Ant. Rosie-Huntington Whitley's bag is starting to slouch on the sides now.

    I have small and medium and LOVE them so much. This is coming from a Balenciaga addict. The structure was a shock at first but I am so used to them shape and absolutely love them. They are comfy to wear in hand or as a shoulder bag. I am 5-4 and have no comfort issues with either.

  5. I think it also depends on the leather of the ant. ! Mine is goatskin and I find it pretty pliable (not sure if that's the right word) but it is def not stiff. Mine is small and I have no issues with the handles although they do stick into the armpits slightly but I can just push the bag slightly behind me. Calfskin is probably stiffer.
    The only discomfort I really have is if the hardware from the long strap digs into me....
    Can't beat the antigona for its chic-ness though I always feel super happy when I carry mine.
  6. I have a medium Antigona and I cannot say enough good things about it. The Antigona is basically a very structured is never going to feel like a hobo under your arm. After a while it does give some, but maybe not quite what you are looking for. I can put the strap on my shoulder and carry it that way when my arms are full or I need my hands but it is not they way I normally carry it. I carry it in the crook of my arm or in my hand. The Ant is a beauty and if you are used to carrying a bigger and a little heavier bag I think you should give it a try....
  7. I love love love my medium Antigona!, mine has remained stiff but is still relatively new. It's totally comfortable though on the shoulder and wrist.
  8. Thanks so much everyone!! This is very helpful, I think I will give it another try. I am trying to decide whch Givenchy I want to get for my first, it is so hard to decide!
  9. Thanks for the mod pic, ninjanna! The bag looks gorgeous on you!! I will try to push back the purse when I try it on again.
  10. No it's not a comfortable bag but it's pretty