Is the Alma good for work? Which colour? Black/Beige/Blue?

  1. I was thinking of getting an Alma and was wondering if it'd make a good work bag. If so what colour?
  2. Depends if you're just carrying your own personal items. Makes an elegant professional bag, but not good for toting files.
  3. i would get the black! and then blue is second. i love the shapes of almas. i think it would depend on what u do for work?
  4. If you are looking for a work bag, consider the Batignolles Horiztontal over the Alma - I don't consider the Alma a "work bag".
  5. ^IA... Forget black epi really nice.
  6. I think beige looks the classiest.
  7. black is nice but i would go for blue
  8. I use my black epi alma for work. Very classy and understated.
  9. Moka!
  10. black epi alma is so classy:smile:
  11. I like the black.
  12. I carried my monogram Alma to work today. I love it because it's the perfect size and the bag itself isn't too heavy.
  13. Thanks All!

    I already have a Speedy 25 in black epi, so was wondering if having another black alma is a bit overdoing it... i like the beige, but the colour seems a bit oldish... blue is nice, but I've got like 4 blue bags!

    sigh! Decisions!
  14. I'd go for the Mono Alma, or Damier Alma, or Moka Alma... Black is good too. Or red! The new red is nice.

    I think it'd be great for work, but not so good for papers because the bag might go out of shape with files?

    Have you considered the Passy?
  15. I'd go with maybe the red or even the Cannelle.