Is the Alexander McQueen skull scarf...

  1. Still the IT scarf? Just wondering... 'cause I suddenly fell in love with it today! Any comment appreciated! Thanks! ;)
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  3. Still popular, but the Thomas Wylde Skull one is proving very popular too. Its a thicker silk, not so sheer, but definitely more substantial, and a good look :smile:
  4. I just got a black silk skull scarf from Top Shop - I've been wearing it tied round the handle of my Chloe Silverado. Very cute.
  5. Thanks ladies for your comments! I'm in love with the white one, so I'll see if I can even find it somewhere now...
  6. Yes i've heard comments that the McQueen scarf is very easy to snag and having looked at it in Libertys I can see that the material is very sheer. I love the look of it and have also seen the Topshop version which looks virtually the same and is much tougher material. Perhaps it is on their website as it is also much cheaper!!
  7. I say get it if you like it. The skull thing is still going strong -- more than one designer is doing it. But I'd only go for it if you like the skull look anyway. I'd not worry too much about whether the trend is over or not -- otherwise it seems a bit of a waste of cash.
  8. I have the small skull scarf in black with white skulls and I absolutely love it! But it's true that it is very delicate and is prone to snagging easily. Get it if you love it but if you're buying it for a trend, you should look into the other skull scarfs out there. I bought one from Shopintuition that I really like as well and is more durable than the McQueen one. Here's the link to the one at Shopintuition:
  9. i have a white one with silver skulls and it does snag pretty easily but i think it adds to the look, it's a bit of a scruffy thing anyway. except in the case of the woman who was in the store at the same time as i was buying one who was wearing an immaculate pink suit and tied it around the handle of her kelly that is!
  10. Hello annanas ;)

    I've seen a gorgeous green AMQ one. Would look fabulous with my colouring.
  11. Its no longer the IT scarf. The celebs aren't wearing them anymore from what I've seen and with low-end versions coming up it seems dated. But if you like it, get it.