Is the 4 diamond Love much more special than the plain one?

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  1. Hi ladies,

    what do you think - do the 4 small diamonds on the Love justify the higher price of it or is the plain just as good?

    Or do you even feel that the plain one is more beautiful/special?

    I am looking forward to reading your opinions! :smile:
  2. To have it with 4 diamonds it's £2000 more
    Some people are going to tell you it's overpriced as £2000 could get you more elsewhere but to me it's worth it because cartier diamonds are extra special because they are cartier lol
    not basing it on the prices
    i'm not sure which one i prefer
    even if i had the money for the diamonds or non diamonds i don't know which i'd pick
    i love both so this thread is going to help me decide which one to save for
    i'm torn between the two options aswell even if the prices were exactly the same i can't decide
    it's not about the cost, it's about which i'd love more and i honestly don't know
    i love diamonds but it's still difficult to decide

    what would you wear with it? are you stacking it with your other love?
    if you already have a plain love i'd go for diamonds, but only 4 diamonds
    especially if your stacking them

    would you be getting yg, rg or wg or havent you decided?
  3. I am not sure if I would stack the two Loves or if I wear one one each wrist.

    I have RG and would be interested in a plain YG or YG with 4 diamonds.

    I am exactly like you, I also don't know which one I prefer even if they were the same price.
  4. Ideally i'd like a plain YG and a 4 diamond RG
    AND the pave diamond WG :biggrin:
    but that's unrealistic
    that would be perfect

    i think because you already have a plain one you'd get more excitement out of the diamonds one
    and i think you love this more than the daisy bracelet we spoke about
    i really strongly think you should save for the love with 4 diamonds
    you could do either, you could wear one on each wrist or stack them they would look perfect either way
  5. also what would you wear on the other wrist if you stacked them? just curious :smile:
    i really really think you should save for the diamond love
  6. Hm... not sure yet :biggrin: Would have to think of another bracelet. But I guess I would wear them separately, at least for the first few years. I want them to be scratched up first before I wear them together.
  7. i think the love bracelet is something that once you have you dont really need aything else luxury with it to look amazing
    it's such a classic, and everyone dreams of it
    i think by having the two it will rid your longing for anything else like the daisy bracelet
    especially if you have one with diamond
    i think you can decorate the love with other luxury items but the look is made by the love bracelet it's what brings out the wow factor in a stack
    or you can wear it alone for the same wow factor
    thats why its my dream piece and must have :smile:
    you can tie a thread bracelet next to it and it still makes you go wow
    so you probably wont feel the urge for the daisy bracelet once you have anohter, especially if you go for diamond
  8. I guess you are right, though I have not seen the diamond Love in person yet.

    I wonder if it has the "wow" effect of the plain one or if it's even better.
  9. other members say the diamonds really do sparkle :smile:
    i dont own it but have heard lots of people saying how amazing it looks
  10. Yes, I can imagine. It's just a question of whether it is really worth the exta $$.

    I would love to hear opinions from people who have both the plain and the diamond Love or at least have seen both IRL.

    It's really hard to decide, isn't it?

    On the one hand, I love the diamonds on the Love but on the other hand, the plain YG is such a timeless classic...
  11. I have the plain yg and I looked at the 4 diamond and I think it's beautiful but for the money I would get another plain. I actually had to look closely to see the diamonds. Kourtney Kardashian wears two plain and I think it looks so classy! But if someone gave me the four diamond I would keep and love it!! You can't go wrong but I want to stack so I would rather get 2 then spend all on one! Good luck
  12. i'd love to hear from people who own the diamond version how noticeable they are?
  13. i'm going to upload you some photos ive saved from here for my own reference
    they're not my photos i hope im not breaking any rules uploading them, if i am i will remove them
    86a.jpg cartier_love_bracelet_gold_street_style_www_izandrew_blogspot_com_1.jpeg IMAG0681.jpg