Is the 24/24 still being made?

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  1. I ran into a lady the other day and commented on how much I loved her bag - I could tell it was quality, but had no clue it was H. She told me it is called the 24/24 bag. I love the simplicity of this bag and was wondering if it still being made? If it isn't would you be able to recommend an alternative bag?

    I love the Plume too, but I like that the 24/24 has a shoulder strap.

    Thanks ladies!
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  2. The 24/24 was only ordered in Asia and Europe. :sad: None for the US market.
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  3. Thanks Castorny! Maybe I can find one over there. I wonder what the cost is for the medium? Do any of the ladies in Europe or Asia know anything about this?

    Thanks again!
  4. wow, I have never seen this bag. sounds interesting. I am intrigued.
  5. Hi zrusky7 - You can find a photo of this bag on the Hermes USA site in the "World of Hermes" area. There are five bags swinging together and off the top of my head I think the second one is the 24/24. It is a very simple bag.

    P.S. There is an adorable jige screen saver that can be downloaded and I can't get it to work...grrrr!
  6. zuzu maxx, is this the bag? It belongs to a member here, Equipage. I have never seen this bag at my store. Or there is a possibility that it was snapped up by customer as soon as the stock came in.

    The bag looks really huge.

  7. Hi pursenality - Thanks for your help with this! :biggrin: This is a 24/24, but not the size I want. I found a picture! I want the small or medium; it doesn't have that bump out.


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  8. Ah, so this bag comes in a few sizes. Come to think of it, I think I saw the medium size on the shelf. I even told the SA that it looks almost similar to LV Reporter bag.

    It was on the shelf but it was sold pretty quickly. I have never seen this bag again afterwards.

  9. Thanks for letting me know that! I can probably have somebody find it for me if I paid them a finder's fee. From what I read though it doesn't seem very affordable. I would rather save for a Kelly or a Plume.
  10. No problem ;).

    If you really want the bag, perhaps you could ask the store to do a search for you. AFAIK, this bag does have a hefty price tag.
  11. Yes, from previous posts I have found IMO the price is pretty high! I am going to call my SA tomorrow just to do some research for peace of mind ;)
  12. Just to give you an update. I went to my Alaska store and saw 24/24 bags on display. One is GM and the other one is MM. The store just received these not long ago.

    GM is Veau Sikki in Gris Souris (light grey) and price is S$7,700 (Approx. US$5,300).
    MM is Veau Sikki in Havane (dark brown) and price is S$6,700 (Approx. US$4,610).

    Interior is lined with herringbone fabric lining. There is one interior side pocket if I remember correctly.