Is the 2008 yellow similar to the 2004 yellow?

  1. Hey ladies I have been dying to get a yellow first and was wondering if you think the 2008 yellow would be similar to the 2004 yellow. I did see the swatch of the 08 yellow but can't really tell from a small pic if it's close to the older yellows that were made. Love to hear what everyone thinks!
  2. no the new yellow is more of a mustard yellow and the old yellow is brighter and much more vibrant. the old yellow is warmer. here's a pic for reference. pic from the reference section of balenciaga in this forum.

    old yellow

    new yellow
  3. EDIT: Just realized you already saw the swatch. I'll try to find the pic of the 08 yellow bag itself, just a sec! Sorry.

    In case you were asking about the upcoming yellow for s/s 08, check out this thread where you will find the swatches. This yellow is very bright, kind of neonish! I like it, think I will get something like a coin purse to go with an electric blue bag!
  4. There was a photo of an 08 yellow bag on one of the other threads. It looked a more lurid / slightly greenish yellow than the gorgeous 2004. I think you can see that from the swatch photo too. Might be nice in a First but I am worried that I wouldn't like a large bag.
  5. The picture of the bag makes it look very neon, but the swatch looks a little more toned-down and weareable - although still not as mellow as the 2004. Probably best in a First or something small like a coin purse or Makeup.
  6. Yeah it does look a little neonish in the photo, but the swatch definately looks better. I put myself on the waiting list for the first with classic hardware so hopefully I'll get a good one!! Thanks for the responses, it definately helped!!
  7. I hope so!!! I held out on Jaune because I'm hoping the 2008 yellow will be closer.

  8. Me too! I waitlisted for the city in the s/s '08 yellow. Kim said "It will be very cool" Not cool undertones, as in AWESOME!!!! I am so excited!

    BTW Murphy66, that is one awesome avatar pic!:yahoo:
  9. If you like a lighter yellow, closer to 04, go on the SS08 waitlist.
  10. They look similar to me! I'm definitely getting one!