Is the 08 Anthra had to come by?

  1. Hi All. I have been out of the Balenciaga loop for about a year(been in Prada and trying to be good and not spend any money).

    I was looking at everyone's beautiful Fall 08 bags and I just love the Anthra color. Is it hard to come by? Was there a waiting list? If I call around to the stores (NM, Sacs, Barneys) is "Anthra" the color they are using or some other name? Would I have luck calling BNY?

  2. i think they are calling it "charcoal"

    it's a current season color so it shouldnt be difficult to track one down. 07 anthra would be the one that's hard to find.
  3. The 08 Anthra shouldn't be too hard to come by :nogood:. I would definitely try BalNY - I think they are referring to Anthra as Charcoal.

    What style are you thinking of getting?
  4. I saw in the referance guide there is the pre season anthra and then there is suppose to be a charcoal for the main fall season. Is this not true? are they the same?

    I will be looking for a work just not sure if I want (afford) RH or SGH.....
  5. Anthra 08 is charcoal. Is easy to find, now Erica from HG bags has that color.
  6. I think the 08 Anthra is prettier than the 07, personally. I didn't like that greenish cast that the 07 had.
  7. Saks have the anthracite color available right now in city and work both with RH. My SA just ordered me a 08 anthracity. It came today except it's being held hostage at the local fedex...:cry:
  8. They had a bunch at Barneys in Beverly Hills last weekend. It was so pretty with GSH!
  9. 08 Anthra/Charcoal is a gorgeous color. More dark grey blueish than the 07 slightly greenish anthra. I sold my Twiggy and now am kinda regretting it!!But kept the little gem of an anthra/charcoal MU which is tucked inside all my other bags!!!
  10. Not hard to find and it's gorgeous. Go for it!
  11. Nope -they're out there. Go get yourself one!!! :flowers:
  12. i LOVE anthra, i want the city in anthra for my next purchase :smile: i heard also that it's easy to come by, so don't fret!
  13. ITA! 08 Anthra has a blueish undertone and is prettier, IMHO. Hope you find your Anthra City! In the meantime, here's a little teaser!:p
  14. chinkee21, SO GORGEOUS! I am in love with '08 Anthra... I hated '07, sorry!
  15. They have 2 Charcoal (this is what my SA called it) GSH Cities left at Bal LA right now. I just went today and bought one...LOVE it!