Is the 07 Vert d'eau still available in a city bag?

  1. Not all that familiar with Balenciaga.. but trying! I love this light aqua color. Is it still available and if so where can I order it? What is the price? Thanks!:smile:
  2. It is more of a light mint color. It is like if someone had creme de menthe syrup and poured milk in it. It is a creamy color. Call Balny or NM in Palm Beach, they had one last week. I love mine.
  3. [​IMG]
  4. Yes, it is a minty greeny color IRL :yes: I loooove mine so much & it actually goes with alot.

    But are you sure Vert D'eau is the color you are looking for? and not aquamarine, although it's more a vibrant color - I can't think of any current season bags that are light aqua colored...(2nd from left)?:
  5. try aloha rag too. they should still have them. good luck!
  6. Thanks ladies! Yes this is the color I want. Verty the one in your photo is lovely, but is more vibrant than I want. I love the pale, washed out colors for spring and summer. I also wear a lot of pink and I think this color would be so cute with pink.
  7. ^yay, a vert lover!

    good luck on your search! you could also try out balny.. when i ordered mine daisy said they still had quite a few left :yes:
  8. i think aloharag might still have the vert deau city in stock..
  9. ^they do :yes:

    sorry - i forgot i emailed them about a week ago asking what they had in the city style & they listed off vert d'eau.