Is the 07 Red the same color as the 05 Red?

  1. I just love the 05 Red and judging from photos, it seems that the Red from this year is the same color. I saw the 06 Red and that seemed darker.

    Anyone know?:confused1:
  2. the 07 red is darker, more raspberry red i would say. the 06 red from pics ive seen so far is darker but seems more vibrant.

    the 05 red is more true fire engine bright red i think.

    maybe some other girls with the 05 and 06 reds can give their opinions based on the bags they already own compared to the 07 reds in stores?

  3. Someone posted pics not too long ago of the two reds side by side, but I can't remember who it was. Maybe Luccibag.
  4. '07 red is more of a blue-tone red, much darker than the '05 red shades -- there were actually 2 red's released in '05, both very bright red. Here's an eBay photo showing '07 red side-by-side next to one of the '05 red's:

  5. Oh my god the 05 Red is the best! Waaaay better than the new Red! And that's the picture of the 05 Red East West Flap that I want!!! :crybaby:
  6. I agree. The 05' red is the best. It's absolutely beautiful. A shame though, wonder when will they make another one. I wanted one in a jumbo, but gave up. :sad:
  7. Isn't it odd how the colors we love most are the hardest to hunt down.

    Hands down the 05 red is undescribably delicious looking -- it's the tomato talking!!! If anyone decides their 05 needs a good home, I'll offer myself as the adoptive mother!!!
  8. I LOVE, LOVE my '05 red E/W... I searched for two years high and low before finding one... thanks to a great pfer! :nuts: :heart: I love my '07 red Jumbo too, but the '05 is my HG red... the perfect bright, yummy, perfectly saturated, red hot color. :love: I so wish that Chanel would come out with this color again, as well as the '06 purple, ahh!!!
  9. It's funny that several of you prefer 05, because I like the 07 red WAAAYYYY better. I just think that the darker blue-red tone would be more versatile and would compliment my fair complexion. :shrugs:
  10. I agree! I also prefer the 07 red. But what's the use? I can't find a Red Caviar Jumbo. :sad:

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  11. The '07 red is definitely beautiful, and IMO, a "safer" red. :smile: I have a warm toned, tanned complection, so I find the '05 red more complimentary to my skin colorwise, but both reds are definitely gorgeous in their own way even if I have a favorite "child" haha (though neither one is ever leaving my collection haha)! :p
  12. I agree, I like the 07 better myself.:yes:
  13. oh that '05 is tdf! Chanel please hear us, BRING IT BACK!
  14. I prefer the 07 red, would love one in either e/w or medium caviar...