Is That Really You, Ricky Martin ?

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    Fading star: Ricky Martin in Miami yesterday; the pop star in his prime

    Winner: the singer picked up best album at the Premio Lo Nuestro awards

    The Cup Of Life performer was almost unrecognisable as he walked the red carpet at the Latin music's Premio Lo Nuestro awards in Miami yesterday.

    His once chiseled jaw line was buried underneath a thick, unkempt beard and his carefully coiffeured hair reduced to a buzz cut.
  2. yup thats him;)
  3. He looks like a bear more than his former self.. :S
  4. Yeah. Age is a catchin up with im :angel:
  5. Huh. I wouldn't know him from a bear either.
  6. Maybe it's the beer goggles, but I don't think he looks bad :shrugs:
  7. maybe he wan to have a homeless look...:roflmfao:
  8. He doesnt look too bad, just older and his face is a little fuller.
  9. ITA
  10. he still looks good to me.
  11. ^yep, he still looks good. but not as good.
  12. Still good looking to me
  13. I've never found him very attractive, but thats him alright. I just read on AOL that he has a boyfriend now, some actor in NY shows.
  14. I have a soft spot for Ricky Martin. My exBF from back in the day looked exactly like him except BF had blue/green eyes.
  15. I never found him really attractive but I must say he looks better with facial hair.