is that real gucci???

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  1. okay this week i have been asked by two different women this ( and its the 1st time): "is that real gucci youre carrying?" im kinda annoyed... why can someone just admire the true beauty of my authentic gucci instead of doubting the authenticity of my bag... BTW i was using my medium d gold tote in brown trim that i got from the sale.what are your thoughts??? do you guys think its kinda insulting to ask this question?
  2. totally... it's like asking if a lady is expecting. even if you suspect it is, just be a lady and shut up!
  3. thats just RUDE!
  4. It's rude and this shows that the person knows nothing about it, the other day in my new job a girl asked me the same question, about my tattoo heart boston, and I said "-of course, honey, you can not tell?" I didn't feel bad or annoy but with her next question I did: "-And you spend $800 or $1000 on a handbag"


    gucciRN: what did you answer about that question?
  5. I've never been asked this before but I will be so frustrated if someone ask me that!
  6. Why lower yourself to even answer these silly people?
  7. When the first lady asked me this I was actually taken by surprise. I just casually s aid "yes." and the second lady who asked me this was a lady that I met in a work conference. And I replied this lady w/ a smile, "of course honey , I wouldn't be caught dead w/ a fake.". n't be caught
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    When the 1st lady asked me this I was @ the grocery store. I was taken by surprise and just said "yes." the 2nd lady that asked me this I met in a work conference. I answered her w/ a smile, " of course honey, why would I carry a fake?" after that she left me alone throughout the whole conference. With your experience I think that is totally crossing the line discussing the price of ur bag. That's kinda personal,yea? Its like a random stranger asking u how much your salary is.
  9. I know, and as I never shup up, I reply her, I said " - I don't dye my hair so I save like a thousand a year on that. " she's totally bleached hahahaha I take it with humor...:girlwhack:
  10. That is hilarious! Love your response.
  11. This made me lol, get over yourself and your bag. My god.....'the true beauty of my authentic gucci'...geez i'm gonna hurl.
  12. I see nothing wrong with someone appreciating what they have. Your comment is just plain rude.
  13. There's nothing wrong with telling people your bag is real, and I wouldn't take offense to people who ask if it's real. Perhaps they're just admiring it and they would feel silly doing so if they thought it was fake.
  14. My mom always said .... If u dont have something nice to say,,,,....... Don't say anything at all.....

    Words of wisdom all pfer 's should think of prior to posting....!
  15. QUOTE=Rocket80;11651993]This made me lol, get over yourself and your bag. My god.....'the true beauty of my authentic gucci'...geez i'm gonna hurl.[/QUOTE]

    Shoot me for expressing my opinions. I'm not trying to sound conceited and arrogant if that's what u think...