Is that normal with NM purchases?

  1. Hi all, I am new to Chloe and know little about authenticating Chloe. Recently I purchased a Chloe (the PATSY Tote)on sale from NM. But the one I got it today has no tag attached. (the care card and dust bag are there. )Also there are missing one pair of hook and ring which works as part of handle for the zipper of each side. Although this won't affect the usage. Still it makes me a little uncomfortable.

    Do you think if there will be any possibility that it's a fake? I never have such problem with NM before. I contacted the customer service and their only suggestion is to return it for refund. The worst thing is I like this bag, so I don't want to return it.:sad:
    Please help me and give me your suggestions. Thanks a lot.
  2. i don't think it is fake, but you really need to talk to NM people about the bag.
  3. I would guess that it is a return. Not to alarm you...inspect carefully and see if anything else is amiss. A return doesn't mean fake but it might mean slightly used.
  4. I hope that no offense is taken by my last post. I am only guessing - good chance I am completely wrong. Please post pictures of your new bag and wear it in confidence.
  5. My Tracy tote didn't have any tags. I am pretty sure that the stuff from doesn't come with tags.....
  6. I doubt it's a fake. Chloe, in general, has horrible quality assurance. I ended up returning 2 other paddingtons before the third didn't have the defects the other two did. Granted, the lock imprint wasn't perfect on the third. By that time, I was just like "GIMME MY CHLOE!". If it bothers you now, it's going to bother you more later, so I would return it to the STORE if you can. Talking to NM customer reps can be difficult. One tried to tell me that a bag not having a serial number (when all others do) doesn't mean it's defective. I hope this helps. Let me know how it turns out!


    Green_eggs, was the tag enclosed somewhere? Do you mean the store tag? or the Chloe tags? They don't always have store tags, but they certainly should have the Chloe tags. Either way, your bag is gorgeous! :love:
  7. Mine had the chloe hang tag and the care cards but no NM tag sorry for the confusion!
  8. Thank you all for your replys.
    In my case there is no Chloe tag & store tag :sad:
    To Kathleen, I partly agree with you that it's a return. But I can't tell if it has been slightly used before. No wear on feet and it's a slouchy type with soft leather... I will try to post some pics soon.

    The most weird thing is when I ask one NM customer associate for the possibility that it's a return, that guy answered me in a very defensive and inarguable tone that" NM never resell any returned items." Oh.. :cursing: come on..
  9. Oh that sounds like baloney. I had a slight problem with a Betty tote that had an unrevelling of some stitches on the handle. Neimans took it back without a whimper. I could have had it repaired by Chloe or maybe at Neimans themselves. I used the opportunity to return it. The only problem was that I had paid cash and they would only credit my account instead of giving me the money back. DARN IT. I'm sure they re-sell repaired items. Who wouldn't???
  10. I know for a fact that they resell returned items. I returned a sale Edith conteen / tall satchel to BG (which is the same company as NM) and nycmom, who really wanted this bag, called them with my order # to try to order it for herself right away. She was told by the BG SA that it had already been resold. They had returned and resold it before they even refunded my credit card! So anyone who tells you that they don't resell returns is lying through their teeth!
  11. I just bought a Silverado from NM and it came with the tag attached (first time it happened, usually they are stored in the inside pocket). The bag had multiple scuffs but it looked new and original.
    If you really like it and want to keep it you can always try to take it to the store and see if you can get a price reduction, since it is somewhat 'defective' and the hook on the side does effect the look of the bag. On the other hand you can always hook some charms or keyring to embellish it.
    What color Patsy did you get? I just posted a picture of mine on the Reference Library if you want to compare it. Good luck, it is a beautiful bag, I LOOOVE mine.
  12. I am sure it was a store return. Most of my purchases (if not from eBay) are store returns to Saks, because once they are returned they mark them down a lot. Every store takes returns. It sounds to me like they sent you a return they didn't even look at to realize it was defective.

    I like my "pre-owned" bags because I get unbelievable deals on them. If you didn't get an unbelievable deal, return it for a non-borken bag.
  13. You are right. I got the bag at 60% off, so not bad. And it looks better than in the pic. I would say it's not a shame for NM to resell the returns. But how come they even didn't check it before shipping out ?!!! The missing parts are so coincidental (symmetric for both sides). It must have been taken away by someone purposely.
  14. I saw your picture. It's gorgeous. I didn't know there is of a tan color for Patsy. Mine is Wiskey (brown). This color is better IRL than the pic from NM. Shining & soft. :supacool: Now I definitely turn into a fan of Chloe and drool at paddies.
  15. Forgot the pic on NM: