Is that easy to buy a croc birkin in Paris?

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  1. I've been told by my SA that I need to wait up to 3 years if I wanna buy a croc birkin . Just wondering where can I get the croc birkin more easier? maybe Paris? Can anyone in this forum help me with the answer?

    Many thanks.
  2. more easier as in more quickly? then try the resellers. often they have excellent condition bags, and even new never before used ones.
  3. W/diamonds, yes.
  4. The only croc bags that are easy to get are those with diamonds. Otherwise, the resellers are really your best bet.
  5. or Tokyo, perhaps!? they seem to have an endless supply of gorgeous pieces in Ginza!
  6. there are some top notch resellers who specialize in Hermes...

    crocs with or without the diamonds..
  7. :yes:ITA w/ all the above OP, there are many options^!
  8. Tokyo had a lot of croc birkins when I was there. Sometime Paris too.
  9. ^ I heard about that too!
  10. There are exotics in NY on the shelf.

    Depends on time and place.
  11. Tokyo is extremely well-stocked with crocs. Paris too. Just ask! ;)
  12. your SA can help you w/ a global search .. as long as you know the specs of your HG;)
  13. Thanks a lot for all your kind answers. I think I will try Toyoko first see if I can find something .
  14. can also check on the inventory thread in the shopping section. THere are many croc sightings.
  15. When I was in Paris there were lots of Crocs- with and without diamonds!
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