Is that bag from target?

  1. I go to school in New Hampshire and I was especially excited to wear my bbag because not that many people know of balenciaga and I like that about it... because unlike rocking a lv mono bbags are much more conspicuous.

    Well I was grabbing something to eat in the dining hall and leaving when I saw two girls I know from my sorority. One of them saw my bag and complimented it.. "oh that's a pretty bag is it from target?" I just said yea I love this bag and then the other girl called me out and said "It's not from target it's a $1000 balenciaga bag!"

    I wish she wouldve left it with the target comment. I like bbags because they make me happy and it's not a showy display. What would you prefer? someone to tell the other person the true value/brand of your bag or now?
  2. I only discuss the real cost of my bags with the friends also know and love handbags. For other friends who have no clue, I stay very low key. If they asked me its cost, I ususally told them it was about $100. I didn't mean to lie. I just didn't want shock them since they would never understand...
  3. I guess that depends on the friends, KWIM?

    As a teen/college student my family didn't have lots of money, but the rest of my family (cousins, etc) were *very poor*. From time to time they would comment on how spoiled I was (possessions-wise) and point out all my expensive stereo stuff and I would just down-play that as much as possible.

    Now, as a 30-something gal who works very hard for my spending-money I prefer people to go, "oooo!! a Balenciaga?!?!" :nuts:
  4. I also love BBags b/c they are not ostentatious (esp w/ any logo "splattered" around the bag)! I also am very low-key about having high-end designer bags to my family and friends. I know that many of them would be in SHOCK at the price I paid for them. And I don't want to justify anything for having the bags. So I just try to make the bags as if they are just "everyday", "nothing special" bags.

    My fiancee is such a sweetie b/c he knows I LOVE handbags, and tho he doesn't know how expensive my bags are, he most definitely tries to make me feel special whenever I carry my designer bags (and yes, he could tell that they are high-quality) by complimenting me about them! :love:

    But that's as far as I go with even "disclosing" about my bags. I know it's a bit weird that I feel a bit insecure to admit the true value and nature of my bags, but I know many people wouldn't understand why I purchase expensive handbags.

    As for your sorority sister acknowledging to the other your BBag, I don't think she said it to be a snob. Maybe she just wanted to acknowledge to everyone that you have a FABULOUS, GORGEOUS bag on your arm- just to be complimentary (as my fiancee does to me)!

    Since it happened, hopefully, you took the comment in stride and realized that your BBag is something to be proud of, and pat yourself on the back for having great taste in handbags! :tup:
  5. With fellow handbag admirers, I would let them know the cost and also discuss how great bbags are =)

    but with people who don't understand bags, I'd just say "a few hundred" cuz I don't want to lie too much and say "20 bucks at target", but let them know I appreciate genuine good quality bags =)
  6. It depends on the friends. I have friends who know designer goods when they see them. Some of them admire and ooh and ahh over my Bbags and Chloes, and some of them tease me about my collection because I change bags a lot. I also have friends who go a little beyond teasing.. not that I would ever tell them how much I spend on bags, but they do make offhand comments about my shopping habits.

    I grew up without much - not poor, but certainly not wearing any designers - and I make a good living now. I feel like I should spend my money the way I want to and not how anyone else thinks I should. (And I certainly don't spend *all* of my money on handbags, much as I'd like to.. haha.) But at the same time, I don't want to call attention to it. If any of my friends/family who don't know the designers make comments about my cute bag, I just say, "Thanks!" and offer no further information. ;)
  7. I had once tried to discuss "handbags" w/ a new co-worker of mine... She had asked how much I had spent on my bag.. and I had told her "a couple of hundred" not knowing how she was yet, I wasn't about to disclose the true amount. From knowing her for only a little more than a month, I knew that she prided herself "that she was the last person to ever judge anyone" ( as she had repeated a couple of times). To my disbelief... the next thing that came out of her mouth after telling her it was a couple of hundred was that "I should go to a third world country & see the poor children starving".. I stared at her in disbelief... not knowing her that well, to make a judgement like that. The next thing I said was, "look.. you don't how my finances are, you don't know how hard or long it took me to save up my house down payment sitting in my savings account, but to say that you're the last person to ever judge anyone~!!!?? You just judged me!" That was the last discussion I ever had with her about bags. Later to find out.. that she had gotten herself in to sooo much debt, that she currently has a judgement on her & will probably never get out of debt...(her own words) not to mention.. she's old enough.. but still lives at home, because she can no longer afford to live/rent on her own. People like that, who don't think & judge before they speak... makes me think twice about sharing my thoughts about couture handbags.. or anything "nice" for that fact with them. Thats why I have my sister, and my fellow TPF'ers .. to share this obsession with. It's obvious, that unfortunately not everyone will understand what we see in bBags or bags in general. :shrugs:

    But back to topic, I don't like disclosing the amount of the bag unless if it's with close people, that I know won't judge because of the amount. I also like the fact that Bbags are low-key & don't scream out what brand it is. :girlsigh:
  8. I'm exactly the same.

    If some of my friends knew how much I paid for my Balenciagas they would probably faint...

    Whereas I have others who like expensive things - be it bags, shoes etc and they can relate.
  9. Yep, my friends know how much my bags cost, and they just shake their heads. But I don't care...if it makes you happy why worry about it?
  10. I have 2 sets of people around me. There's the one set that doesn't understand my bag addiction, then there's the set that enables my addiction. I just had dinner and bowling with the enabler set today. The 4 ladies in the group all carried some kind of designer bag, and at the bowling alley, we lined the bags up next to each other and had a little show. And all the BFs and FIs just shook their heads when we talked about how much money was sitting on the table. It's funny because sometimes we talk in terms of the LV speedy bag when we say how much something costs. As in, the city costs a little over 2 speedys. Bad, huh?
  11. Like most of the rest of you, I don't disclose the price of my bags to very many people. My best friend knows because he understands. My boyfriend knows that they're expensive bags, but has no idea HOW expensive (although I will say that most of my bags have been purchased pre-loved for a decent amount below retail). My family would faint dead away if they knew. Honestly, if a stranger asked me what my bag was, I would tell them a Balenciaga... and if they pressed me for price I would say I'm not comfortable answering that. I am in a position where I can buy these bags for myself and continue to live comfortably without any debt and I am very, very lucky to be in that position... but that's not really the business of a stranger on the street.
  12. One thing I hate to do is walk around advertising for a brand. I avoid wearing stuff with big logos written all over whether it's a bag or a shirt... this is why I love Balenciaga. I usually don't tell people I am wearing a $1000 bag. People who know me know I carry the real stuff and if they happen to know that it is a Balenciaga I would not deny it. However I try to down play the cost of the bag to people who are not familiar with the brand because I don't want to appear to be showing off. Friends of my DH often come over my house for poker games etc and they bring their girlfriends ... and one time one of the girls got jealous of my bag and said " look at her, her husband got her a Balenciaga". Truth is NO, my husband did not get it for me... I paid for it with my savings ... nonetheless the girl spent the whole night making her boyfriend feel uncomfortable and I felt bad so bad for starting it.
  13. I don't like talking about how much I spent on a purse too (especially B-bags). Last week I had a lunch with my manager and co-worker. For some reason, the conversation topic because handbags (or pocketbooks, as they call it, smh!). I think my co-worker was just trying to annoy me because she knows I hate talking about it. So my manager asks me, "Joyce, how much the most you would spend for a pocketbook?" I couldn't lie because I have a LV Speedy 30 that I use tirelessly for a few years, so I just answered, "Over a hundred". Thats all I ever said. Then they started talking about another manager from our firm that pays "designer handbags, expensive handbags". Although I know they are not hating, with the way the conversation goes between my manager and co-worker, their head is screaming - "that's ridiculous to spend over a hundred for a handbag!" My manager said, "wow, the most I would spend is $50.00".

    That bothers me because they are judging people who drops $$$ to a handbag. If they asks me why I spend (a lot) of $ for a handbag I think I'll reply - "Because I can!" :graucho:
  14. That's a touchy subject. Only my mom and sis know/understand the bbag love and how much the bags cost. Anyone else does not and, in my opinion, should not know. My very close friend, for example, who is very well to do and always wants what I have is not into expensive handbags and does not know what balenciaga is. She's never asked me about my bags but to say they're nice (I think they're not traditional enough for her) but if she ever asked the price I'd just say that's a silly question and change the subject. I hate it when people ask how much stuff is, and this friend tends to do that. People just don't need to know.

    And I am with others here who don't want to stand out as the one with the $$$$ handbag. I prefer to blend in quietly and bbags are good for that.
  15. I don't disclose the $$ that I drop on a bag either. And if my SO ever found out he would FREAK :nuts:

    I usually tell him that I bought my bags at Loehmans and since I don't tend to buy bags that are too popular (by that I mean that they are not household names like Gucci or LV) or full of logos, I am usually on the safe side.

    My family knows I pay a lot of money for my bags and when they see me with a new one they usually ask how much and then they start guessing numbers, but I never actually tell them if they got close or not.