Is that a pink Bleecker?

  1. When you go to the Coach home page in the little slide show with the models walking towards you - is that a pink Bleecker? (On the model in purple on the far right?)

    I asked the SA when I picked up my ink duffle - which I love - and the woman was clueless. She actually said that they had everything in the store. (Hello - they special ordered the ink because they are only carrying the tan, coal and wine in store.)

    Does anyone know if they are coming out with it in pink? (I'm actually hoping for a red - maybe for spring.)
  2. OH - for crying out loud! I guess I need to look at the fine print - I was looking at the colors.

    Thanks so much!
  3. Magenta is a legacy shop only color :crybaby:. The Coal, Wine and British tan are the basic colors, then there are rust, bottle green and ink and than magenta!
  4. I love that magenta, I wish it was coming in the smaller duffle but I don't think it is. That large duffle is really large. I wish they would do more pink stuff!!!