is that a legacy scarf?

  1. I seen one on eBay about a week ago. Really nice scarf from what I could tell from the pictures. The colors seemed brighter tho than from the one in your pic. Who knows if it was authentic being on eBay and all.
  2. i doubt it is , but who knows? i've also seen some on eBay but they look different.
  3. the legacy knit scarf had white fringe on it...

    dont' think that's a legacy scarf in that picture
  4. I don't think so... I have a scarf that looks similar to that, but it's made out of wool and it's from the Gap...
  5. yes there was and that is not it. LOL. The Legacy one was much more vibrant.
  6. it's a gap wool scarf from two winters ago. I miss Natick Mall though, I used to LOVE that mall, I remember it before they tore it down and built the new one in 1994. (wow, I'm getting old)