Is That A Foot on the Bag?

  1. That's nasty. I wonder what else she does with those feet.
  2. Ewwwwwwww:yucky:
  3. lol! Ewwwww, I just saw it! WTH? Why does she have to get with her feet?
  4. What the..... :wtf:

    My Deauville is so happy she lives in a home where she doesn't have feet rubbing on her.. :roflmfao:
  5. totally nasty....ewwwww
  6. ewww...
    #1.. the bag does look fake
    #2.. why would someone buy a bag in which someone's FOOT has been on??
  7. She has to hold the camera with the other (or she's an amputee).
  8. oh my... that made me giggle... my trouville is a feet free zone!
  9. omg that is hilarious!
  10. ewww that's gross
  11. ewwwwwww!! i would never buy that bag!!! use someone elses hand not ur foot!!!!
  12. That's just wrong..
    LV_Mama you totally confused me...I thought I'd already posted in this thread since I saw my avatar until I realized you'd started using it!
  13. Ewwww! That is just NASTY!
  14. what if she is an amputee... wouldnt that makes us a bif bunch of *bleep*ers, but i hate feet...just the thought of someones feet on my things gives me the willies