"Is that a Coach purse!" they ask..

  1. So for christmas I got a gallery patent tote in black!!!!!! GORGEOUS purse!!! The interesting thing about it is I mentioned to my boyfriend I wanted a new coach purse and it ended up being my brother that got it for me!! My brother ladies!! he has never been the one to buy me gifts like that let alone spend that much on me. He had it in a gift bag for me, which had already lead me to thing maybe it wasn't real since Coach gives you a box when you purchase one. He was a little upset when I asked him really where did you get it. I just don't trust him sometimes. He didn't talk to me the rest of the night. When I went into my room later that night he had put on my bed a gift receipt and real receipt from Bloomingdales and the box that I came with, he also left me the coach dust cover too. I felt soooo bad!!:sad:
    I had seen the purse there a few weeks ago when I went shopping with him and I guess he remembered when I pointed it out. I knew he had got job that made better money, but not that much to where he would kindly buy me one. Since I've worn it I can't believe how much attention it has received! At work I got all the girls getting close and saying "what is that what I think it is?" and at the mall I get woman complimenting me on it as i shop. All my purses I have so far have the coach signature C's on them and this is my first one that doesn't, those who know Coach could tell from a mile away I have the gallery patent tote..lol :yes:

  2. Congrats, it's GORGEOUS and how sweet of your brother to get it for you. Enjoy it.
  3. aww what a sweet brother! Congrats on the bag
  4. What a darling brother...I hope you gave him a big hug! What a thoughtful person to remember you pointing out that bag to him :smile: If he hasn't already, he's going to make some lucky girl very happy in life!!!
  5. aw that's so nice of your brother!! tell him what you told us: you love the purse and it's been getting you plenty of positive attention! it might help make up for the way you had initially doubted him.
  6. What a great brother...I hope his feelings didn't get hurt too bad!
  7. What a sweet thing for your brother to do!! I hope his feelings aren't hurt any more! Not only is it a gorgeous bag but it's special having come from your brother!
  8. what a sweet brother, congrats! :tup:
  9. What a sweet brother. Congrats on the bag.
  10. What a wonderful brother and I :heart: that tote!!!

  11. thanks ladies!! yes i thanked him and gave him a hug:shame: he understood why i doubted him, i think i'll have him read this thread, it should make him happier!!!
  12. Give your brother LOTS of hugs! What a great guy! The bag is GORGEOUS and I bet it looks great on you!:yes: Enjoy
  13. You are so lucky to have such a wonderful brother! Congratulations on a great purse, enjoy!
  14. Your brother is very sweet and that is a beautiful bag!
  15. Geez, wish my brothers were as kind and sweet about my bag addiction! Lucky you!

    That is a beautiful bag.