Is that a Brooklin Cabas?

  1. Do you think that it's the new Brooklin Cabas? My friend e-maild it to me. I love! Can anybody tell me the price of it?
    New Cabas.jpg
  2. It is stunning!!! Is the size same as the original coco cabas?
  3. Omg That Is The The One I Am Waiting For!!!!
  4. pinkur that is the one I am waiting for!!
  5. its 2995 usd before tax
  6. its cute!
  7. Great bag!!!! I love the contrasting leather, OT MEMYSELI , I love your avitar!!
  8. Ooooooooh! I hate the price!!! It's such a love, but the price is just insane.
    WHY CHANEL?! WHY you do it to meeeee????!!!!
  9. It is about the same size as the coco cabas. Because of the patchwork, I think this bag is stiffer than the original one.
  10. Yes, I saw this at the trunk show at South Coast Plaza back in June. It is the same size as the original cabas.:yes:
  11. Holy crap... I thought the small blakc leather cabas was originally around $1800?? Am I wrong? Why 3K for this one?
  12. :nuts: So pretty!!! I love it~ :heart:

    3k? WOW.... :wtf:
  13. I just saw this bag at the Chanel Boutique SF if anyone is looking for it.
  14. it's cute... but i still think the original cabas looks better. is the shape of this one a little different from the original cabas?
  15. Ok, well I forked over the 3204usd for this bag this afternoon. It will be shipping to my Neimans sometime next week from another store, (Goes out tomorrow)so I don't have to wait for the Fedex man. Also so I can destroy the evidence (box) before smuggling it home and making it look like it's always been there. I am in love with my original cabas so hopefully, this one holds up, if not I am going to have a big credit in NM. Yes, I paid cash to hide the trail. :shocked:Vicious cycle never ends....why couldn't I love flaps.

    stjunky, thats me and Gwen at Good Morning America last year. I LOVE HER!!!!!!I take it you do too?