Is Thalassa Blue still in production?

  1. I posted this question in some thread but I can't find it anymore. So if anyone replied to my question, I'm sorry, could you kindly repeat the answer again?
  2. Yes.
  3. Glad to hear this. :smile:
  4. Thanks, I'm also glad to know this.
  5. Just a note, so far sightings have been only in epsom.
  6. I know many people don't like Epsom, but I'd pounce on an Epsom in that colour if I'm ever offered one.
  7. Ooooh - this is really interesting. I wanted to special order a bag in this colour last summer but was warned by the SA that the colour would be very difficult acquire. I'm not so keen on Epsom but it looks gorgoeus in box.
  8. Les Tambours, I picked up this photo (I can't remember where from, maybe eBay?). Are you drooling yet?

    Blue Thalassa Birkin.jpg
  9. I was told by my SA, NO for thalassa in box, but YES in epsom.
  10. This is my friend's plume 32 in blue thalassa Clemence leather. (With and without flash)


  11. That's my bag actually, the pic is in the "blue colour ref thread".....
  12. Duna, I'm so sorry I didn't give you due credit. I couldn't remember where I picked up this shot from. Your bag is absolutely gorgeous! That's why I downloaded the photo in the first place!