Is teal color difficult to wear?

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  1. What do you think about the color? Is it difficult to wear? :girlsigh:

    Thank you..... :jammin:
  2. I think the Teal is gorgeous & can go with just about anything! ;)
  3. teal is such a great and lovely color!! I had 1 before in a city - it goes with everything:tender:
  4. Yep, anything and everything! I :heart: my teal!
  5. hati, will we ever see pics of your beautiful work or did i miss it somewhere in the forum???? :graucho:
  6. it definitely goes with everything!
  7. LOL I know I'm so baaddd... I need to buy a new camera first! I promise it'll be one of these days!!!!! :shame:
  8. please make sure it's in this lifetime :lol: i'm dyin' to see her!!!!
  9. Love teal, it's a gorgeous color, I think you can wear it with anything! :girlsigh:
  10. Thank you for all your feedbacks.... :love:

    I never have the bag in the shade of blue before. I wear jeans almost everyday and I'm just afraid that it will either blend in with jeans or have 2 different blue in one outfit. :huh:
  11. Oooooo, teal, IMO I would wear it with any and everything. So beautiful!
  12. It's SO easy to match with the Teal, IMHO! It's basically the bag I use every day - esp since the leather is spectacular and like none other.

    I love wearing it with jeans or with a black skirt.. frankly, it goes with everything :girlsigh:

    Here are just 2 outfits (1 dressier, 1 more casual), which is one of maaany examples! :graucho:
    BtealCityBevHand1.jpg SBwideAHteal.jpg
  13. Luvpurse:greengrin: , Teal is a gorgerous color, it could be a fabulous addition to your bbag collection:devil: :devil: :devil: ~~hehe
  14. OMG, Beverly, that teal city looks amazing on you girl, you're rockin' it :jammin:
  15. Beverly - I love the top you are wearing in the second pic! Where did you get it?
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