is t-h-e a rude word now?

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  1. why is t-h-e being censored? :nuts:
  2. that's what I was just about to say! lol... it is strange

    now everything say Au"***" this.. lol
  3. I see it too, bizarre!
  4. thanks for posting - I am seeing all kinds of things in *** and I'm like huh?
  5. Was just going to ask that.
  6. yes i was wondering this! it makes it so hard to read threads now! which sentence doesn't have a 't-h-e' inside?
  7. Wait, it's gone now...back to normal. Confusion!
  8. Lol I just posted this same topic!
  9. oh, thank´s thought that I had done something wrong, when I Pm with one of the members :rtr:
  10. It makes everyone look really angry. :roflmfao:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.