Is Sunset Boulevard LE?

  1. Hello ladies,
    You might know, I've been wanting the Sunset Boulevard for ages. Stupid boutique in India hasnt even heard of it and I doubt they will ever receive it :cursing::rant::mad:. I'm dying for one in Pomme D'Amour so I was wondering if it was a LE item? If its not, then I can be at ease and wait till I go overseas and buy one.
  2. Good question. I'm wondering the same thing.
  3. its not LE
  4. It is not LE. It's stunning in Pomme, good luck, I hope you get to buy one soon.
  5. I hear its sold out in a lot of places though.
  6. it's not LE, the new vernis color is comming out in that too :drool: