is authentic????

  1. This is my first post to this site. I need to know if is authentic, meaning do they sell authentic bags??? Has anyone bought one from there? I am interested in the Fendi Baulotto (small spy bag). Thanks so much.:confused1:
  2. Yes they sell authentic bags. I have bought one bag there, but wasn't very satisfied with their service (the bag is nice of course).
  3. They do sell authentic but they are VERY pricey!
  4. ^ I agree. :yes:
  5. I purchased my baby Spy from Styledrops and it is authentic. Pricey but authentic.

    You might want to try as well. They sell authentics and cheaper.
  6. is this webpage trustworthy??????

    anyone have buyed here?
  7. I is authentic. Just a real pain in the butt to return things!!!
  8. I have purchased several items from styledrops.

    Authentic items, but a bit pricey.

    I only purchase bags from them that I cannot find anywhere else.
  9. Yes they sell authentic goods!!
  10. I also bought few bags from them and I am satisfied. Authentic and fast service.
  11. Hello. I came across this bag in Styledrops.

    It's listed as a 2008 fall/winter style called 'Damiana'. Would anyone know whether this is authentic? I don't find it on the Ferragamo site. Thank you.
  12. great i was wondering about this also

  13. Hi,

    Can anyone tell me whether is the website Styledrops legitimate and selling authenticate items? Below is the website:

    Thanks for the help.
  14. Yes !!
    please use the search function, there is a lot of posts
  15. Yes reputable site and wonderful customer service