Is Stone the same as Mouse Grey? (MbMJ)

  1. I want to buy a Totally Turnlock Faridah. Shopbop has one in Stone

    Zappos has one in Mouse Grey:

    Are these colors the same? I've been itching for a Grey bag. At the same time, I'm concerned that I will not be able to keep the bag clean.....

    Would love to hear your comments and thoughts. Thanks!!
  2. mouse grey and stone are two different colors. stone is from the current fall season and grey is a resort 07 color. stone is beige grey as opposed to mouse, which is a true grey and probably more along the lines of what you're looking for. i love the mouse. it's gorgeous. go for it! the bag looks beautiful!

    don't worry about keeping it clean. it's dark enough that any signs of wear will not be noticeable. i have two grey bags one of which is mj and it's very low maintenance.
  3. Thank you!!! I will most likely order it this week. I need to see this bag irl!!!
  4. I placed my order yesterday afternoon (according to Zappos, they only had 3 left in stock). I received it this morning. :tup:

    I am taking her out for a test run this afternoon, but I can already tell I LOVE this bag!!! The color is exactly the grey I have been looking for.

    I was initially apprehensive about the bag b/c it doesn't have a zippered top, but the way it folds over (and has the magnetic closure) makes it ok. Plus it's a shoulder bag and it fits nicely against the body.

    So far, I'm happy :yes:
  5. ^ glad to hear it. you should post pictures!
  6. Just lovely!!!
    What color is the front zipper? I better get over there and get one before they are all gone...
  7. Well, it's official- I am totally in love with the bag!! :yahoo:

    It was so comfortable over my shoulder. I am really digging the single shoulder strap. I love the color and the fact that the hardware is silver. Love it!

    Will try to post pictures soon.
  8. Wow. After seeing the Mouse Grey, I really hope the Lovely Aline satchels are made available in that shade. Right now I'm choosing between navy and stone.