is stephen gone forever?

  1. the mono stephen has been in the mono canvas section of the LV web site for ages but i dont see it anymore!
    i had hoped it was permanent so i could get it when i had a little more cash but i guess it wasnt meant to be.
  2. You could ring LV customer services, they tell you straight away if its in stock anywhere x
  3. call the 866 number and they can see if any store has one!! Good luck!:p
  4. i dont have any LV funds untill the middle of april when i get my next student loan instalment. i am determind i need that bag though
  5. unfortunately, yes- it's this year's Mizi. But LV probably has some left and if worse comes to worse, you can always get one on eBay.
  6. manchester had one a out a month ago so it may still be around somewhere
  7. keep looking! maybe lv has one!
  8. LV still has some left over, ask customer service.
  9. I think they are all gone now
  10. Not in Aus .. there are even still Leopard ones here;)
  11. Ring up 866 first thing tomorrow! Be firm and ask rep to do a search if she reply "None left, all gone long time ago" the second after you finish asking the Q. I got mine from Elux, but it's been gone for a while on their website, you might want to chat w/Elux rep to see if they have some. Good Luck! :flowers:
  12. I believe they are all gone; however, I have seen a couple on E-bay just a few days ago...

  13. yay studie!!! lol, I know australia have them still, you could try and get shipment for over here! Yeh ive been looking for one and theres been none on eBay. You will just have to keep your eyes open!!
    And dont we get our loan 1st May???
  14. Are You serious that Aus still has them...

    i kinda regretted passing up on a stephen coz my mum complained it was too wide/thick so i was undecisive on it..
  15. ^ Yeh definitely. The leopard ones are still in the Melb. boutiques.