Is Star3777 ever coming back?

  1. or did we just all collectively scare her away? she had the greatest handbag collection and awesome wardrobe. I miss her posts. :crybaby: I couldn't find my old thread about this - I think we've lost her!

    Anyone hear from her lately?
  2. ^LOL i was just thinking that, as i was spending another hour drooling over her collection.
  3. I get nostalgic too and go look at her collection once in a while...:girlsigh:
  4. I beleive she is pregnant......must be busy gettin ready for a new baby.
  5. I think she is also renovating her new home!! I so wish she would check in and say hi... I miss her too!
  6. anyone PM her?
  7. Star's pregnant?! That's wonderful! :nuts: I wish she would check in more often, I miss seeing her around.
  8. yeah she's pg with a baby girl. i miss her posts too.
  9. She was on a couple weeks ago, she's due very soon with a baby girl and in the middle of moving & renovations.
  10. She is such a great TPFer!!
  11. Swanky, you are such a trip!!:roflmfao: This is becoming your standard response to the "where are they?" threads. Too, too funny.
  12. :p LOL! Seems obvious:shrugs:

    If someone isn't checking in, chances are they won't see this ;)