Is Stam still hot?

  1. I was thinking about getting one,do you think it is still popular?
  2. I think so! I was pretty indecisive about it before I got mine, but now I absolutely :heart: it!
  3. Yes i think so I love the patent stam with the python trim & I hope to get the quilted one in ivory soon
  4. I think it is such a wonderful bag! The price continues to climb, too....
  5. I am sort of over the stam but it is stunning
  6. they sell a look-a-like at carson pirie scott of the stam. :sad: the brand is kathy van zeeland or something.
  7. Although I'm not a fan, I think they are still quite popular. Which one are you considering?
  8. I still like the Stam but won't be able to afford one till they go on sale.
  9. The stam will always be hot. The classic lines make it something you could use forever. Even if you decide to part with the chain (although I love the chain, some don't). That bag would last you through a lifetime of moments.

    I never buy for trends and I never recommend buying things that are hot for that moment. You need to buy what you love. So if you're only buying the stam because you think it's hot, you should probably think of another bag to buy. It's too pricey just to by for a trend. By it because you love it and you don't care what anyone else thinks about it.
  10. if you like then thats all that matters. trends change to often to worry about that
  11. I love the bag, I have a stam hobo in black myself. However, right now everyone and their dog has it, mostly fakes of course... Here in London anyway. My best friend got hers the other day, although it wasn't exact the samemodel as mine, im still quite pissed... She is so rich, she could afford any bag she wants but for me it was a special present.
  12. They are still popular, but they are definitely not super 'hot'. Stams & Chloe's Paddies don't fly off the shelves like they used to be; they were rare and hard to find in 2005, fans had to get on the waiting lists for them. As soon as new shipments arrived, they sold out. They are sitting on the shelves waiting to be adopted nowadays.
  13. This is totally off topic, but bag.lover your kitty is sooooo cute!
  14. I think the stam is very, hot. Not mention it will always be popular as long as you love it everytime you put it on:yes: I have the stam hobo and satchel and I love both of them I get alot of compliments on them as well:rolleyes:
  15. i wanted one since 2005. didnt get one till today.

    i bought it becuz it suits me and my lifestyle very well

    and i honestly dont know if i will like another bag as much as the stam.

    and prices increase each season as i was told by a MJ sales associate.

    but i do feel a twang that i am starting to get over the look of the stam.

    however it is a classic. quilted anything is very classic.

    and if i dont get it.....i probably wont have a bag until another 3-4 years when someone designs something so amazing and cute.