Is Spring Street still produced...

  1. Before I bought on ebay, I looked and looked at and eluxury, but never did call the stores... does anyone know?:girlsigh: :girlsigh:
  2. hi veronika, is the spring street the squarish one with a buckle and a handle on top? if so, i think the style's been discontinued :sad:
  3. yes it's been discontinued. but there are a few nice ones on eBay occasionally :yes:
  4. The Spring Street's been discontinued for several years already.
  5. Ahhhh! Just when I fell in love with it!

    Does anyone know what was the last color it was produced in? Is it fuschia? There's none in framboise then. =(
  6. the color group I see this bag in the most is the rose, lime(pale yellow), grey grouping which was disc. in like 2002 or so....not 100% on the timing
  7. :crybaby:

    It would look so good in fuschia and framboise. I need to get me a yellow and red one then. *sigh* At least it bumped my want list down.
  8. Cool! Thanks guys... It's a great style... I LIKE it!
  9. kathyrose, the last colours that were produced for the Spring Street were lavender and fuschia (which was around the year 2003). The Spring Street was not released in marshmallow or peppermint (2004). And obviously, it wasn't released in any colour introduced from 2004 onwards - ie, perle, indigo, framboise... :smile:
  10. The Spring Street was made in the following colors:

    Red, Lavender, Silver, Rose, Yellow, and Fuchsia

    I have one in yellow.:love:

    Fuchsia was the last color made.
  11. With all the choices....I can't decide! I want all of them! The agony! :crybaby: