is spending over 1K buying a chanel top a very frivolous thing to do?

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  1. oh really? i wonder if it's still around.

    i still really love the scrunched turtleneck top. it's very chic. i hope to get it at a really good price down the road. miracles do happen, i'm keeping my fingers crossed.
  2. I looked on net-a-porter, & they don't have the similar Chloe top. :sad: It's been a while. It went on sale, if I remember for $500. It had little pleats all over the body & a bow that tied at the neck. I did find this one that is cute for $270. I regret not buying it at the time, so if you love that Chanel, I'd get it.

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  3. This is a very good point, and partly the reason why I wouldn't buy a really expensive top. The more often I have to launder a garment, the less I typically want to pay for it. Jackets, knitwear, and handbags of course all fall into the category where one doesn't have to splurge fortunes on dry cleaning.
  4. It's out of my range for a top. I'd rather spend that much on bag or jewelry.