is spending over 1K buying a chanel top a very frivolous thing to do?

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  1. well sounds like you made great use of your budget
  2. I agree with the suggestions of buying a Chanel jacket instead. To me, when picking something clothing-wise from a design-house, when you don't have the budget of a millionare, you should go for what the house is known for. If it were Gucci, buy a sexy cocktail dress. If it were Marc Jacobs, an evening dress or long tailored coat. Chanel is known for its beautiful tweed jackets and skirts- I'd say start with one of those, and if you have $ to burn later, THEN buy something like that top.
  3. You made the right choice. And no offense, but I agree with other posters who say that top is nothing to write home about. I'd have trouble paying $200 for that design, let alone $1000.
  4. i agree that in the pictures the top doesn't look that special, but when i tried it on yesterday, i was quite taken by it, and so was DF, it hangs really beautifully. anyways, it doesn't matter. i will not be purchasing this top, thanks all for your help. i'm sure i've made the right decision.
  5. I agree with your decision not to buy it.
  6. Sounds like you did good at the Holts sale!! Congrats!!! :yahoo:
  7. yep, the gucci sale gets me every time. i was SOOOO disappointed that the two louboutins i wanted were both sold out of my size nationwide. anyhow, life goes on. i'm sure i will find something else to lust after.
  8. you have such a nice collection of Chanel purses, I don't think the top is as special.
  9. tks anonymous, my chanel collection is just starting :smile:

    Okay, i did it, called my SA and told her that i will not be buying the top. boy, that was hard. but, i think i'ts the right hting to do.
  10. Congrat. I think you made the right decision! I wish sometimes I have will strong power like you do.:roflmfao:
  11. i dont think i would spend it on a top, perhaps a dress would justify it more.
    but then again i would freely spend $1000 on a bag he he he!
  12. I didn't know how to explain my opinion but Megs found the point. I think a 1k top should be very special, with details, applications, etc something unique.
    Those tops are great but I think you can find many other tops as perfect as those from cheaper store - and why of lower quality? I'm not telling you to go to H&M but I guess you could find other stilists' great tops for less!

    Also: what if the top gets ruined because of the wash or because someone pour some drink on you??? That would be scary!!! :cursing:
  13. I don't even think it's the price tag that would bother's weight. Do you gain it easily? Loose it easily? Cuz if so then in 10+ years will you even be able to fit this top?
  14. I would spend $1K on a dress, or a coat, but not on a simple cami. I guess it depends on your finances and comfort level.
  15. I love the top. Chloe makes a top similar to the one with the high neck. I saw it last season on net-a-porter, but declined for the same reasons others have stated. Congrats on your others purchases. It did look great on you.