is spending over 1K buying a chanel top a very frivolous thing to do?

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  1. mmm I think you can get the same shirt for under $50 somewhere else... I just can't justify buying a $1000+ shirt.
  2. It does look good on u!i actually love it too:P
    but, since im not a person who would use my clothes all over again..Im the kind o person who will just gonna use cute tops for 3 times (in general) and then get over it kWIM?
    so i wont spend 1K on a top..but it's just me..hehe...
  3. I love the turtleneck top. That said I would not spend $1K on a top. I would let the SA know that if it goes on sale, please keep you in mind for the piece. If it is there at sale time and you can snag it for less, it was meant to be in your wardrobe.
  4. I normally don't buy thing that I have to think twice. I believe, if it's something you really really like or want you wouldn't have to think so much, you'd just know it.

    Anyhow, those tops are very lovely.

    It's only you who know what you feel.
  5. I won't either. I am just willing to spend 1k - 2k+ for a handbag. Not for clothes
  6. thanks everyone for your advise. i will be a strong girl, and call mySA on monday and tell her that i'm not going to buy it. I still LOVE the white draped top, but spending $1300 (after taxes) on a top, i am unable to justify it to myself and DF ( i won't be able to sneak it by him since he was with me yesterday and knows the prices of these items).
  7. This is so wise and true! When you fall in love with something you don't ask anyone what they think. But I know when I ask opinions, deep down inside I want to be taked out of it. If you want Chanel clothing you can always find great deals on Ebay or at the Chanel outlet. The tops in the pics look like they might wear out after a while, though. So probably not worth the $$.
  8. the suckie thing is, i'm not sure if the sale in u.s. works the same way as in SA says the sale is only for like a 7 day period or something like that, after the 7days, everything that was on sale goes back to regular price. i would have to wait till next year this time, provided if ths top is still around, then it would be 40% off. it's not even a matter of waiting till winter, becuase in winter they would only put out fall/winter left over merchandise from the year before, plus the newly marked down stuff. they are very strict about their sales becuase all the canadian chanel boutiques are controlled directly by the paris corporate office...where as in the U.S. they have typically more sale items, or have more freedom in doing their markdowns becuase U.S. is a special case wehre they are independent from the france head office.
  9. Well, if you do love it even after thinking about it, go for it. If it isn't going to hurt you financially and you love it and will wear it for a long time, it will be worth it but only if it is exactly what you want.
  10. That's very true. I once waited for a $2500, very long, winter cashmere scarf to go on sale. It did, but not for much of a sale and the next year it was back on the shelves at full price. I never bought it, of course.
    So true. Everything is different in the States. They are such a huge market, they kind of do their own thing. Even their cosmetics are made in the US, for them, with their own unique colours, while ours comes from France.

    Let us know what you decide!
  11. Don't hate me, but I really don't think the white top suits you at all. The blue tops are fitted nicely and show off your shape, while the white top looks a bit of a tent on you. Of course, I am only seeing the top, so you might have uber long legs to balance out the volume, but as it is, I really don't like it on you.

    And don't think you can wear the same tops 10 years down the road. As you age, your body's fat distribution changes so even while you might weigh the same, when you get past 30, fat accumulation occurs more on the upper arms, neck and torso. And unless you work out like crazy, arms and neck are going to sag. If you observe older women, you would notice a large proportion have their arms bulging out like hams in sleeveless tops, while a turtle neck just makes them look like they have no necks. I can say this because I am pushing middle age and things that used to look great when I was younger look terrible now, although my weight has not changed. Your body shape does not stay exactly the same throughout your life, so the shelf-life of a top like this is a few years at most.
  12. OMG I do not mean to be rude but those tops are nothing special in my opinion, they look like they could have been bought in Topshop, if I were to spend that much on a top it would have to be really special, like a beautiful Matthew Williamson embellished butterfly top or something. Don't do it!
  13. For another $1000 you could get a great tweed jacket. NM has one that is black with colors on the outside and hounds tooth inside. It's right at $2000 and can be casual or dressy.
  14. You made the right decision IMO! :yes:

    You can now use that $1300 towards another fab Chanel bag to add to your already fab collection!! :nuts:
  15. well, i've already spent the money today on a couple gucci bags and an LV wallet for DF.
    as much as i'm still thinking about this top, i have to be strong! still gonna stick to the plan of calling my SA tomorrow!!!!