is spending over 1K buying a chanel top a very frivolous thing to do?

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  1. That's the one I thought looked perfect on you!!!! I can see why you wanted to splurge.
  2. thanks jayne. i am so in love with this top, but unfortunately the price tag isnt' so friendly. my bad posture and the bra strap is hardly doing it justice, it is MUCH prettier in person.
  3. the top looks so nice but personally i would rather spend it on a bag bec i can use the bag everyday but cannot use the same top all the time :smile: just my opinion of course...
  4. if you love it, get it.
    anything that feels worthy to you is worth it
  5. If you can buy the top without it taking a toll on your piggy bank~~~~~sure, I say yes. If you are in a crunch with money, it would be unwise to purchase a top at this cost.
  6. I actually do spend quite a bit of money on my clothes. I love my bags but it's taken me time to build that collection. Clothes on the other hand, I buy often.

    Anyway, when I find something that fits perfectly, that is well made and that won't lose it's shape, I get it. It is a lot of money, but if it's timeless and something I'll wear often, I will buy it. I would sleep on it tonight and if you still can't stop thinking about it, I'd get it.

    It's about priorities: do you want this shirt or do you want to put the money towards something else? It really just depends on what is more important to you.

    And to add something:

    I wouldn't say that it is frivilous, it's still about priorities. In the grand scheme of things you could also say that the money many of us spend on these bags is frivilous but it is what makes us feel good. I ultimately feel the same way about clothing, shoes or whatever your "vice" may be. You have to do what makes you happy and so long as you can afford it and you aren't going in to debt to fund it, live and let live.
  7. The tops are definitely very cute, but I wouldn't pay $1k for tops. Like all the other ladies suggest, maybe sleep on it?
  8. although everything looks adorable on you, i think you'd be able to find comparable, lovely summer tops for much much less. i personally would never be able to spend that kind of money on tops, even if i could afford it. maybe for coats or suits, but not tops.
  9. i totally know what you mean about trying on clothes at Chanel...very dangerous and sooo easy to fall in love with the way they are made and fit. I've gotten sucked in by their RTW line for a long time but even now I don't think I could spend 1k on a shirt. I would much rather save up for a nice jacket (in a style that would last many seasons and survive trends). But I don't blame you...when something so lovely fits you perfectly, as in your pix, you think it was made just for you!! But sleep on's not so hard to come across another Chanel top (perhaps even for a little less at the next round of markdowns)...and 1k is on the way to a Chanel bag!!
  10. I think the top is cute, but doesn't scream WOW! enough for me to want to spend 1k on it. I think you can find a similar top for half that price, and then get it tailored to fit even better than the Chanel. But, if you absolutely love it then you should get it because that's what ultimately matters. :yes:
  11. I do like those tops, but they do not look like anything out of the ordinary for me. I would have to REALLY love a top to pay that much, and those look very simple.
  12. I would not push out the boat for a top, a jacket perhaps.
  13. That white draped turtleneck is absolutely to die for. You simply MUST have it. It is totally beautiful and who cares if noone knows it Chanel? You know it's Chanel and people who are in-the-know will know it's Chanel. The fit and materials alone will scream quality.
  14. takeoutbox, i think you should just listen to your heart and get one of the tops. i think the turtleneck draped one looks AMAZING on you, and it would be such an absolutely wise addition to your's such a versatile piece that will go with SO much...and you won't regret it at all! i say go for that one!!! :yahoo:
  15. the tops u tried on are gorgeous! but, in my humble opinion, i won't spend $1K on them. that's alot of $$ for a top, and you hvn't counted recurrent costs like dry-cleaning costs etc! :smile: such a lovely expensive top can't possibly be laundered in the machine or even by hand, i reckon.