is spending over 1K buying a chanel top a very frivolous thing to do?

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  1. by all means, i am not rich or anything, the most expensive piece of clothing i own is a prada sport jacket which was a gift.
    i went into chanel and stupidly tried on a bunch of clothes, and unfortunately for me, i liked everything, everything was a perfect fit. but gosh, even a what seems to be a simple cami costs well over 1K. anyhow, i really fell in love with this sleeveless wool top they had, i will post pictures later, it's in DF's phone right now. the reg. priced is $1575 or 1595, but it will be on sale at 30% off. i think it is a piece that i can wear for a loooong time, well, i better, considering the cost. someone please talk me out of it, i can't stop thinking about it.
  2. I would sit on it for a while. I would not spend that kind of money on a top. Even if I had a ton of money, I think it'd be hard for me to do. You mention you're not rich, and I've seen you talk in other threads about lacking funds to buy the bags you want. Would you really rather have a top that you could only wear once in a while to a bag or something else more useful? I find that while jeans and bags and shoes see a lot of use, tops and dresses tend not to come into rotation that much. Also, there's no guarantee you'll love this top as much as you do now once you've had it and worn it a few times. And then it will just be a top you like that you paid 4 figures for.
    This is just my opinion, and you can do what you please with your money, but you do sound apprehensive about this purchase, and I don't like that.
  3. here are pix of some of the tops i tried on. the tops are alot prettier in person, esp. the blue one, the lace detail is very pretty. the white top is the one that i fell in love with.

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  4. If you are not comfortable spending 1k on something, then don't buy it. It doesnt matter if it's a purse, a top, or shoes...thats my opinion....I think peaceful mind is most I sound too serious? :yahoo:
  5. Those are very cute tops, but they neither scream Chanel to me nor do they warrant the $1000 price tag. I don't think i could pay $1,000 for a shirt like that, allbeit very very very cute tops!
  6. spending 1K buying a top won't put me into debt, i would never allow myself to incur debt over shopping, but given my lifestyle, i don't think it justifies a 1K top. anyhow, it was fun trying on all these beautiful clothes today, it really changed my perception of chanel RTW line.
  7. the blue tops were very adorable, the details impeccable, both tops came with nude layering pieces. but as much as i love them, i don't think they justify the 1k price tag...while i LOVE :heart::heart::heart: the white top (the pictures don't do it justice), and am aware how overpriced it is, i think, or rather, i try to tell myself that this is a very timeless, classy piece that i can wear for a very long time, even when i'm 50 or 60.
  8. I totally agree. I dont think I could justify spending over a grand for a top. I'd rather spend it on a bag.. at least you would get more wear out of it as opposed to the top. If I did get the top, I'd obviously get the most out of it by wearing it as much as possible, but would hate for people to think "is that the only top she has?"
  9. my suggestion is dont buy it if you are spending time just trying to justify how it is okay for you to buy, kwim.

    Besides fashion always changes, alot of clothese no longer interest you just after a short while. I bought a chanel dress once, spent so much time just trying to justify the purchase and I fell out of love with how it looks just after a couple of month. It wasnt a good feeling to know how I could have used that money towards a bag. And clothes has almost no resale value compared to bags.

    But accesories and bags they are here to stay longer. Just my 2 cents
  10. If you really love it go for it, but not if its going to put a huge financial burden on you. You just have to ask yourself if you can comfortably afford it. If you're questioning it a lot now, you may have buyer's remorse later. IMO a shirt is harder to keep new looking than a bag which is why in my mind a purse has always been considered a better "investment". I've bought many expensive pieces of clothing only to have them get snagged, or stained and its not a good feeling.
  11. I feel your pain, but anytime you have to ask others to make up your mind you've actually already decided. You're just trying to get someone to change it. Go with your gut on this one and leave them in the store. Or buy something that SCREAMS Chanel.
  12. lol, that's actually why i liike that top, i think it's very simple and elegant, no visible logo on the top. it has a small CC logo stitched onto the bottom left corner of the top, but it is quite unnoticeable.
    anyhow, you're right, i really should leave this one in the store.
  13. I like the items that don't scream "Chanel" too.

    I can't figure out which is the white one you really like.

    All the tops, except for the blue one, look white to me. They all look so beautiful on you!!!
  14. thanks jayne, the laced cami and the short sleeve tops are both blue, i am not sure what the name of the collection is, but it's sorta like a blue lacey fabric...the top where i had pix of both the front and the back is the white top that i really really want to buy, it also comes in black, which they no longer have in my size.
  15. Those tops are adorable but that price tag is outrageous! I guess I would feel more comfortable spending the 1K on a chanel jacket, suit, or blazer. I know what you mean about fit. If I find an item that fits perfectly...I tend to forget the price tag.