Is Speedy 25 much bigger than Papillon 26?

  1. Is the speedy 25 much bigger than Papillon 26? I have a mono Papillon 26 and it seems too small for everyday. I am deciding if I should get a Speedy 25 in Damier but I am afraid it will be too small if it is similar to Papillon 26.
    I have a Speedy 30 already and I like the size, but it would be nicer to have a little smaller bag but not as small as the papillon 26.
  2. They're about the same size the dimensions are distributed differently. It would be similar in size and capacity.
  3. I have both the papillon 26 and the speedy 25 and imo I think the speedy 25 holds more than the papillon.
  4. I was just at the LV store looking at the papillon 26, and I took stuff from my speedy 25 and tried fitting it in the 26, it is WAY smaller, i had to get the 30. I suggest you go see if your stuff fits, they don't mind when you do that :yes:
  5. The speedy 25 holds alot more than the pap 26.
  6. I think the Speedy holds more!
  7. Thanks for the answer!! I just bought a damier 25 now that I know that it is bigger than the Pap 26!