is spanx really that much better than other brands?

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  1. i usually wear a size 24-25 but i stuff have a tummy showing if i wear clingy dresses and its very very unflattering. i decided to jump on the spanx bandwagon but its kinda expensive! is it really that much better than other shapewear?
  2. I only have a pair of tights (reversible tight end tightS) but they are much higher quality and they were worth every penny, imo!

    I have friends who SWEAR by higher power (the high waist version of the power panties).
  3. If cost is an issue, try out Spanx's Assets line at Target. It's lower quality materials but the same effect at about half the cost of Spanx.
  4. i figure i dont need THAT much fat to be squished in so i might be able to do with a cheaper version but hmm.
  5. i haven't tried other brands but i think spanx is worth every penny
  6. I have the higher power for dresses and what not. I guess the bigger you are the more they squeeze, because I wear a 26 and they don't make me much smaller they just smooth my stomach out.

    That said, I love them. I think they are worth it.
  7. I actually like Assets even better than Spanx.

    As for the Higher Power -- who does this fit? Not me... the top always rolls down. I think my rib-cage is too skinny for it. So I end up with material puddled around my waist. Plus the pee-hole freaks me out.
  8. i think ill check out assets first. i dont need much compression just more smoothing out. the higher power ones just seem uncomfortable and it does seem liek theyd roll down all the time. itd be too weird to try and pull them up in public too.

    lol "pee hole"!!!
  9. LMAO Best post all day!!! Made me spit my water out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  10. OMG it has a PEE HOLE?!?!?!?!
  11. seriously, it has a pee hole!? That would freak me out too! LOL!

    I figured all those higher cut ones would roll down?
    They haven't figured out a way to out boning in or something to prevent that?
  12. It has a pee hole? OMG that might freak me out too. :roflmfao:That's hilarious.
  13. :yes::roflmfao:Me too...
  14. I can't imagine women buy this! Weird.
  15. If your trying to do a quick nip and tuck without the surgery;then yes u truly need spanx. I have to agree with all the other ladies, it's worth every penny.