Is Sonatine similar to Shirley?

  1. Or, in your opinion is it a little more practical than Shirley... I have Shirley, but am seriously considering Sonatine... thanks for your help:heart::shrugs:
  2. I think Sonatine is more roomy than Shirley but I love Shirley ;)
  3. Thanks lady godiva!
  4. U're welcome :flowers:
  5. I would get the Shirley before the Sonatine. I have the Sonatine and prefer the look of the Shirley MUCH more!! But I use the Sonatine when I want to carry more than what I can fit in a pochette, but less than a Reade PM or Bedford.
  6. The Sonatine is not similar to the Shirley, I have bought both of these bags and they are quite different, in size and style.
  7. i agree with michelle. two completely diff bags and fine to go ahead and get the sonatine....when the time is right, that is!:graucho:
  8. Thanks Michelle! Always think of you using Shirley at your wedding, she is a gorgeous bridal clutch!:heart:
  9. Sonatine offers more room and can be use for day time hand held bag too :yes:
  10. Very true. Both are great bags, get em!!
  11. ya, very different in shape and style. I also prefer the opening on the Shirley more than on the Sonatine
  12. Shirley i think is cuter in shape but I like sonatine because can be used as a day bag also as long as you dont have gazilion things
  13. ^^'Doh!! Ok, I can't read today!! :p I think she should 'test drive' the Sonatine in the store if possible. Who knows? She might end up walking out with something completely different!! But I do soooo adore the Shirley! :heart:
  14. I think you're right Sonic about the test drive.... I need to wait to get to a store, esp. with all this crazy fedex orders getting lost.... I will test drive before I buy, thanks a lot for the feedback, can ya tell I really want it!:p