Is something wrong with me? Sooo frustrated....

  1. Okay, sorry if this is long...

    Over the past 5 months or so, I've really come to LOVE Louis Vuitton. Before that, I only had a Damier Speedy, and was questioning if I had made a mistake in buying it. But I quickly got over that feeling and completely fell head over heels in love with LV, to the point where I was obsessed with it! I began to collect a good number of items...but I would buy something and then sell it, buy another and then sell it, over and over. I was never really satisfied with any of the bags that I bought; however, I'm now at a point where I love the bags I have (I have 5 completely different ones). I'm satisfied with them and cannot think of any others that I desperately want.

    But the thing is, the past 5 months have been a tough time in my life, and I've just been able to start getting past that. In doing so, I've come to find that I like my LV's less and less.... Some days I love them, some days i don't even want to look at them, I don't know why. It's become like a love/hate relationship for me. I kind of feel like I sort of bought my LVs as a crutch - ways of getting past tough times, if that makes any sense. But now that that part of my life is over, I feel as if I don't need them anymore. So now I'm wondering if this was just a phase for me, or if I'm just being weird. Lately I've been carrying my unknown bags and have put my LV's in the closet - I've even considering selling ALL of them a couple of times. And strangely, I feel much more like myself. Is that strange? Am I being completely ridiculous? :confused1::cursing::shrugs::s:crybaby:
  2. Not really...if you aren't loving your bags anymore, you should sell them and get another brand/style/etc. you like. No sense in keeping something you don't like.
  3. If you don't need the money, keep them stored away for a while and see how you feel in a few months.
  4. Hi don't worry so much cos I gone through this phase as well. I have been collecting for 15 years. At one point of time, I sold almost all my LV bags except those with some sentimental value -- some of which I sold at ridiculously low prices like Euro25 to Euro50. Afterwhich I thought I was crazy...anyway do put your bags aside for awhile. The crushes you had with your bags may come back again.
  5. i'll put them away for a while and see whether the LVoe comes back :smile: .. maybe's it's the winter mode lol, spring maybe better :flowers:
  6. This is a hard one but I think you should wait a bit and see how you feel then
  7. This isn't that unusual, Kimalee, others on the board have gone through this before - take note that this is an extra stressful or emotional time of year and may be affecting how you are feeling about this. I echo the sentiments that if you can afford to hang on to them for a while, do so. Wait until you have a consistent confident feeling what you want to do with the bags before doing anything. If you decide to sell them, by all means, have what you enjoy, if these aren't doing it, maybe the closet isn't the best place for them indefinitely if thats gonig to be the case.
  8. Sometimes when you go through a difficult time, the things from that time period bring back unpleasant feelings. I would put the bags away for awhile and see how you fell then. I sort of feel that way about some of my dolls. I have a few that trully love but when I look at them I associate them with harder times. I haven't brought myself to sell them yet, but I may one day.
  9. i always say, if you dont use something over 1 year, it is better to sell it. sometimes less is more and the extra cash doesnt hurt either:p
  10. I am glad to see I am not the only one who has gone through this. I joined this forum, and began buying more expensive bags at a time when I was feeling very lonely and unsure about the direction of my life, and I realize now that it was my way of fighting off boredom and distracting myself. I then lost complete interest in handbags, and dropped out of the forum completely for a while, and my new bags were left in my closet while I carried a $40 GAP tote most days. Recently, I started pulling my bags back out and using them, and I realize that I am not obsessed with buying new bags, but I do enjoy carrying the ones I have, and don't regret the purchases. I am just taking a more relaxed approach to building my collection.
  11. Yep, that's exactly how I've been feeling...I've been carrying my Lucky Brand bags for a couple weeks now and I love them. But I'm not so sure that I want to sell my LVs anymore - I still think that they are things that I can use and enjoy. I just think I'm through with buying more pricey bags for a while. But I think I can still love the ones I have!
  12. You are perfectly fine, all of us go through phases of our life :heart:

  13. Wow, I could've written this response word for word. In other words, you are definitely not alone!!!! I have 5 LV bags and am about to sell one. The other 4 I am content with and will keep and use. Right now, there is only one LV I'd like to get in '08 but if I don't I won't be obsessing over it. I would agree with most of the other responses to hang on to your LV's for a while. If you still feel this way later on go ahead and sell them. But you might find that the collection you have now is one that will keep you content for many years!
  14. I have gone through this before. I used to buy a bag, carry it a few times and then sell it, over and over again. But my insanity was just me trying to find "the" bag that I wanted to love and carry forever. Sometimes I would buy one to cheer me up but I would end up selling it to get something else. I have a few now that at times I want to sell, then I think about all of the other bags that I have sold and have regretted doing so ever since, so I hang on to the ones I have. When I get tired of them and feel like I am losing the "LVoe", I wrap them up and put them in my closet and carry a cheapy or unknown bag for a while and then when I feel the urge to carry them I pull them out and it is like love all over again. Maybe you should just put them away for now and see what happens. Maybe do a revaluation in 6 months and if you still do not feel good about them then sell them. :graucho: And let me know when you do, you have some great ones that I would love!!!
  15. I agree with jenniletv ^^. Try putting your bags away for a while and if you come back and still don't love them, try selling them. Or keep only the ones you really love. Either way if you dont love your bags u better not leave us here at tPF! We would miss you too much :yes: And I only have one Louis bag and a couple other less expensive and non name brands and I love them too. I too don't think I would ever buy alot of expensive bags though. Well I hope you feel better... and sorry for blabbering lol.