Is something slowing sales down or what??

  1. If you don't have a store, you get 50 free auction listings every month and BIN should be free on those as well.
  2. I wonder if it has something to do with Paypal recently limited alot of members accounts lately. Me and two of my friends had this issue and alot of people are finding other payment methods that are probably not compatible with eBay. Just a theory.
  3. It's been a sloooooooooooow month for me. We're on the same boat.
  4. slow here too, even though my prices are super low!
  5. Me too! Super low prices--some at a loss to begin with--and no bites. :sad:
  6. Yes- these specials are above and beyond the 50 free. Since I have over 50 items to list, the extras really help out, especially with the amount of relisting I've had to do recently.
  7. And thanks all for the feedback... I'm glad(?) to know I'm not the only one... but I sure hope ALL of our sales pick up soon!
  8. I know the feeling, i had one with 31 views, 184 views no bids and it was so reasonably priced...urgh!
  9. You're not the only ones. There are complaints everywhere about this. Listings with no views whatsoever over 1 week that would normally have several hundred - indicates that there has been a serious problem at Ebay.

    This also confirms it:

    "eBay Investigates Seller Reports of Declining Sales?"
    By: Ina Steiner
  10. I hope things return to normal soon!!! I had a few items listed for VERY reasonable prices and had to relist. I'm keeping them at BIN for the lowest prices I am willing to take until someone bites. The frustrating thing is that I have a limitation on the number of certain "branded" items that I can list within a 30 day period since I'm a newer seller. I've already reached that limit having to relist, so I can't even list one of my items for another 26 days. SO frustrating!
  11. Same here. I'm not budging on some of my prices, because there's no point in selling them if they don't go. But the listing caps are annoying. I got mine removed- this time. We'll see if they put it back! :smile:

    I've also had zero sales on Bonanza since April, but have had a little better luck with some online garage sale facebook sites in my area. Nothing huge yet, but got rid of 6 or 7 things.
  12. You could try calling eBay to get those limits raised. It is ridiculous that unsold items should count in the limit calculation.
  13. So not only are sales slow, but people AREN'T PAYING for what they've purchased! Last week alone I filed (and closed) *three* UPI's. Relisted all three items. One sold and was paid for. Another one of those sold, and is now eligible again for another UPI. Are you kidding me!? And I have one that I bet will go to UPI tomorrow.

    I just checked, and in the last 12 months I have received FVF credit for fifteen unpaid items. If these two don't get paid, make that 17. Ugh.
  14. Ditto

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  15. Same here.