Is something slowing sales down or what??

  1. Had a ton of listings end tonight... most had at least one "watcher" (which I know doesn't mean anything except that it has been viewed) but *nothing* sold. Really nothing.
    So weird... had tons of sales last week and this week... nada!
    Anyone know what's going on?
  2. I sold two things today on buy it nows. I think that yesterday being Father's Day might have slowed down sales. I have several items that have been viewed over 100 times and have over 10 watchers but no one is bidding. I know that if you have one or two watchers, it could just be other sellers, but I figure with over 10 watchers, someone must be seriously interested. eBay has been slow for me lately.
  3. It has been slow recently, but then again I have found summer sales to always be a bit slow. It usually picks back up for me in mid August.
  4. Summer is notoriously slow. It is usually a buyers market.
  5. Maybe because the most of retailers have started summer sale this week?
  6. Sure think that the stores second markdown could be a possibility as to why

    sales are down on eBay....
  7. Sorry it's been slow for the sellers, I'm mainly a buyer.
    I've been scoring some amazing deals on eBay the last 2 weeks that were just too good to pass up and couldn't figure out why/how I was getting them so cheap.
    But ok that makes sense now, I just thought I was just extra lucky lately lol.
  8. Summer is generally slow. Its always been a slow time for me. August and September are usually good months and when things start to pick back up. But it all depends on what you are selling, some items are more seasonal while some listings do well regardless of the season.
  9. Interesting. I have been watching and actually bidding on some items without any luck. The selling price was higher than usual. But it all depends what particular items you are selling/buying.
  10. I seem to remember having higher sales last summer, but maybe I just happened to strike it right then and I'm at "normal" now. :shrugs:

    Thanks for the feedback though... and I'm glad some of you are seeing some sales!
  11. Also- I've posted in here before that Ebay no longer sends me notification emails when they have free listing days. As a result, I check announcements every day. Surprise! Today's a free auction listing day. So if you don't have a store, list today for free. It doesn't specify this, but it also allowed me to add on BIN for free too.
  12. I've listed a couple things that received over 100 views and had over 10 watchers--even a handful of questions... still didn't sell. :rain:
  13. Sheesh! Disappointing!
  14. I'm not a seller but as a buyer I don't get to spend as much time on the computer (and eBay!) because schools are out for the summer and my kiddos are home! I also think that many buyers tend to slow down a bit because of added expenses during the summer months such as vacations, camps for kids, outings during the week (if you are a stay at home mom like myself). All that adds up.
  15. Haven't sold much the past couple weeks, it's been disappointing. I almost never have to relist my items, but I've relisted some of mine multiple times :nogood: I bought some expensive items from a website that has the worst return policy ever, I'm really hoping I can sell these items this summer.