Is something going on?

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  1. Hi ladies, something is sort of bothering me and I would appreciate it if you share your thoughts on my situation.

    A few months ago, my SA offered me a Denim Ghillies. Of course I was delighted because I felt it was such a special bag. However, I realised that when the bag was offered to me, it was sort of at the end of the season for the Denim Ghillies as at about the same time that I brought the bag home, the new combinations of the Ghillies bags were released.

    My SA just called again and told me that she has a Rose Tyrien B for me (although I did tell her that I would like an Anemone). But hasn't the RT been around for a while? 2-3 years since its release?

    Each time, my SA will tell me that it's the last one that they will be getting and no more after that. I get it that she's trying to make me feel special and I'm excited that it's a gorgeous colour....

    But I can't help but feel that she's offering to me 'leftover' bags from the previous season. Am I thinking too much?

  2. Sometimes I feel that way but I do not mind new color or not as long as I feel that bag is my taste.
    By the way If you do not mind, which store you got offered? I want RT and it is hard to find now! ;)
  3. OMG, RT is so amazing and you have to take it!!! I'm dying for a RT b!!! Glad to know that RT is still around!!! Is it stamp R? Is so, I don't think it's a leftover bag.
  4. Thanks ladies. I don't know what stamp it is as I haven't gone to pick up the bag yet.
  5. I'm in Asia.
  6. She is not offering you a leftover bag - she is offering you the last chance to purchase that colour and so you are very lucky. The same story has happened to me and so this is how I view it
  7. ^ Thank you so much for that. It certainly helps make me feel so much better about the whole thing.
  8. And I forgot to mention that RT is a stunning colour!
  9. Dont feel that way
    Each store receives goods at different timing
    U should be happy got such a nice sa offering u special bag
    No birkin or kelly are leftover stocks
    They're such highly coveted items lol
  10. ^ Thanks! I feel silly now. Lol!
  11. You got offered two spectacular bags that many, including myself, would do many legal and perhaps shocking things to get. You should be grateful for your SA.

    I desperately wanted a denim ghillies birkin. After two years of pestering my SA, I got offered a sanguine toile birkin. I took it. :smile: but I got a Vache Natural and Denim toile birkin because I lost faith that my store would ever receive the denim ghillies. It hasn't to date.
  12. Lol
    Not silly but confused haha
    U know its not easy to get b or k in asia more so super rt color lol
    Grab it fast girl
    No time to waste
    Hug n kisses
  13. Ok! 🚀
  14. My boutique never even got the denim ghillies and they ordered them. I would have loved to get my hands on one. The RT is beautiful and if you love it then get it. Hermes bags are meant to last a lifetime and not necessarily be seasonal. Get what you love and will wear for years and years.
  15. ^ So true! Thanks TT!
    Sorry you never got the Denim Ghillies. But I'm sure something better will come along.