Is Someone Trying To Trick Me?

  1. Hi all :heart:

    I'm selling one of my bags on eBay currently, and I just got a question from a potential buyer. They obviously looked though my listing somewhat and emailed me a question.

    They first off, they stated (I'll word it differently but keep it to what they said) : If I take this bag to the boutique and find it is fake, I will get a full refund. This is your policy, correct?

    See, on my listing...I say - THERE ARE NO REFUNDS. Plain and simple...So, how do you proclaim an untrue, unwritten statement and then ask me to confirm that that's my policy...when if you read my listing, you see as plain as day NOTHING like that is mentioned and it is NOT my policy. My "policy" is NO REFUNDS! lol.... Also, she asks when I bought the bag.... I also, plain as day, have it written down. I have the month (w/ time of month) and year I bought it.

    My fear with this person is that if they bid and win my bag, they will maybe try to trick or scam me out of stuff.....due to this question sent into me. Just sounds SO fishy and nothing adds up. I get a weird feeling from them...sneaky almost. Can I refuse a certain winner from getting my bag if they win? And if I can't and have to go through with the sale, and they pull something, what recourse do I have. It's almost like they tried to trick me and like...stumble me up by the question they sent in. Just...a bad vibe, if ya get what I mean.

    Sorry guys, but I'm just all paranoid with eBay now admist all the problems I've read about, lol.

    Thanks for any insight you can give :love:
  2. This doesn't scream sneakiness to me, but if you want to rid yourself of this buyer, put her on your blocked bidder list and you won't have to worry about it.
  3. I agree with you! I think they might want to trick you! I am also getting paranoid of eBay! lol! I would blocked them from the listing.
  4. They might be trying to see if your no-refunds policy extends to fake bags. I would do the same, just to cover my hide in case the seller tries to pull a scam. NOt suggesting that you would, but from the buyer's perspective they are of course trying to be careful, what with hundreds of #$%^ing scammers lurking. I doubt they were trying to scam you.

    My advice is to reiterate that according to your item description, you will not make a refund, ever.

    Some who do refunds make a special mark or hang a special tag on the bag, and state explicitly that if this mark is missing or the tag is cut, no refunds are made.

    Of course, if your gut is flashing alarm signals, then just block the buyer :yes:
  5. OMG! I encountered such this type of buyer 2 weeks ago. She's interest to buy LV Miroir Speedy & I'm selling around $1500. She asked the similiar question BUT please be careful!!

    I replied her,"As long as I know, LV store no longer accept authenticate service. If you have any doubt about authenticity, please ask MyPoupette or CarolDiva before you purchase my item. I'll give full refund if non-authentic ( but I pretty sure I won't fully it by I ONLY SELL 100% AUTHENTIC! ) and return it in the same condition when I ship and have to identicially with my pics! Otherwise, I'll assump buyer is trying to scam me & I'll take law act."

    Be careful, we don't know what kind of ppl we encounter! I ever encountered a nasty buyer who has the similiar item with she bought from me but her item full of discoloration, color transfer and rub then she claimmed I sent her that poor item & ask me for refund, OMG! How I can receive it back if I sent great cond. LV & get back very very poor LV?!

    The point: this nasty buyer trying to swap her poor item with mine & maybe sometime will claim mine as fake ( while she already swap with her fake item or something horrible ).
  6. May you'd blocked this buyer so she can't create problem in future with your auctions?
  7. It is getting increasingly more difficult to tell who the honest buyers and sellers are...I cross my fingers for every transaction lately. The buyer you refer to is possibly someone who has been burned before and is trying to protect herself. I have asked similar questions to sellers in the past so I have something in writing in case I am being duped and also to hear the seller's reaction. When someone asks me a similar question I always say: I stand behind my merchandise as 100% authentic and accept no returns. If you are uncomfortable with this policy I urge you not to bid...Good luck.
  8. Just to give this potential buyer of yours the benefits of the doubt, she could be one of those who doesn't read everything on a listing so she could have missed the bit about your refund policy..... :yes:

    Over the years, I have come across too many Ebayers who do not read the information on a listing no matter how short and concise it is :s

    Just my two cents.
  9. I've asked this question before... not that I'm trying to scam anyone but want to make darn sure that if the bag turns up counterfeit, I will get my money back.

    Sometimes we need to go with our gut feelings... do as the others suggest, block bidder!
  10. Lots of times people don't read the auctions very closely. I would just try to reiterate the information in the auction & assure them that the item is real. A lot of times the people asking the questions don't even win but if you have a nasty gut feeling, go with your gut. I would try to be nice but extremely firm with your policies. There are so many people out there trying to get a mile out of an inch.
  11. Thanks for all your input guys :heart: I haven't blocked yet, and went again to look at things she's sold and she's sold some authetic LV's, but has 1 big negative from a no longer registered user. Odd. :s Anyways, I didn't get a Re: to my answer so, just gonna sit it out and hope. I think she was just trying to be sure and that's totally cool, I just didn't like the tone it was said she was making up a policy that didn't exsist and was trying to test me, ya know?

    Thanks for all your kind and informative responses, will def. help me in the future for these types of things. :yes:
  12. I would tell her that she is welcome to have the bag authenticated prior to purchase at mypoupette or caroldiva if she has any doubts.

    I know what you mean about bad vibes, I just had the same type of thing happen with a weird potential buyer. I went ahead and blocked her.
  13. Honestly, this is all too crazy.

    If you are a buyer, you are scared you are going to receive a fake AND lose your money.

    If you are a seller, you are paranoid you are going to have somone return a fake/accuse you of a fake and take your money.

    I just hope I make it into the marketplace in 5 months. That is the only place I will feel somewhat safe buying. I should have officially registered sooner.

    I do not sell on ebay anymore since I read here a while back about ebay pulling legitimate auctions. It ruins your credibility with buyers. Embarrassing and unfortunately buyers will believe ebay pulling your auction and think you sell fakes.

    I now ONLY sell to locals and do meet with them in the LV boutique to verify authenticity. Although this limits things a lot and I have only sold two bags.
  14. I totally hear ya. That is def. the way I want to go when I'm allowed. I can apply in April (my 5 month mark) and I'll be well over 500 posts, as I already currently am, but I can't apply straight away in April cause i'll be on my honeymoon!!!:sad: But, not so sad because that's a good reason why i won't be online, hehehe. bag selling can come after that's over, love comes 1st :yes:
  15. LOL, I've come to the conclusions that buyers don't read auctions ever. Heck, I've been guilty of it too!

    But just an FYI, if you accept Paypal, you pretty much have no choice but to accept returns, because if they file a Paypal dispute and win you're gonna get the bag back and the $$ taken away.