Is someone looking for an ink first? Here is one on ebay

  1. I think this bag is still available, in some stores. It always makes me laugh whenever the BIN is more than retail.
  2. But it still ends up being less than retail plus tax (but there is shipping).
  3. Her auction is more then the store HER BIN
    New york 995.00 plus 15,00 shipping = 1,010.00 No tax

    NY has them I spoke to them today
  4. Agghhh! Just a couple of days ago NY didn't have them and didn't know when they would get more. I could have avoided some major drama and worrying myself sick if I'd known they'd get more ink firsts so soon. There weren't any other ones on ebay, either. I feel like I might throw up!
  5. Yum!!!
  6. Oh wow, it's sold! The seller accepted the starting price offer. Not bad!
  7. :yes: :yes: Minus the shipping:yahoo: :yahoo:
  8. 895 is a little deal!
  9. You bought it?!
  10. every bit helps ;)

  11. Congrats, Vip!!! Must have pics when it arrives, k?:amuse::flowers:
  12. :lol: No I was just confused because you were talking about how much she was charging one minute and then....
    Crafty girl!

    Congrats!!! It's a gorgeous bag you'll love it!!
  13. Congrats!!! How did you get the $895??? I so don't understand ebay and BIN and reserve and all that stuff.