Is sky blue out yet?

  1. Just wondering since some of the pre-collection colors have already showed up on TPF....

    Anyone heard about Sky blue?? pics?? anything??

  2. nobody??
  3. Sky blue, along with electric blue and buton d'or are collection colors and will not be out until end of january/beginning of february!
  4. Sky blue is a pre-collection color, so it should be out soon, but that could be December or January. It seems as if the pinks, Sahara and Thyme green are arriving first. So that leaves Sky and Electric blue.

    Yellow, the new red and turquoise will be the last.
  5. yeah.. i thought sky blue was pre collection too
  6. sky blue is precollection definetly!
  7. When I looked at the swatch at BalNY, the three colors on the bottom row were the yellow, sky, and electric blue and Kim said those were the collection colors and were coming in last. If I'm wrong, sorry! I thought different ones were collection colors, but I'm not going to argue with Kim. lol
  8. i think turquoise and coral are collection and not electric blue and sky blue? :confused1:
  9. from what i understand from Aloha rag... Sky Blue is pre collection
  10. Yup, the red, yellow and turq are all collection and will come in later. Sky Blue is pre collection :tup:
  11. soo any picsss of sky blue?
  12. Is the 08 Sky Blue similar to the 05? :confused1:
  13. 08 Sky blue is similar to the 05, but a few shades darker :yes: