Is Sirena collection the new AWL???

  1. Was browsing through the dooney site... The Sirena Small Bucket is the same purse as the AWL Small Bucket in the Specials section. (You have to go to Favorites or New Products to see Sirena items. Their site is so unorganized.) So is the Sirena Collection the new AWL??? :yahoo:I would assume so. Whenever you choose "Find All Matching Items" both Sirena and AWL items show up, although it isn't really a large selection. I'll have to find out if the Sirena collection has the same secret leather shrinking process that our beloved AWL collection had. Perhaps it was just a name change after all. Do any of you know about this? You ladies and gents are always in "the know".
  2. It looks similiar. Thanks for pointing that out, I would have never found it.
  3. Very very similar!!! I am very happy leather is back. I'll be checking the site for more arrivals.
  4. Goodness, I would never have found that out if you hadn't found it!

    Navigating the dooney site is a bit like playing a computer game - you've got to look in all the hidden corners and click on all the clues!!
  5. I think it may only show both if you're looking at something that is AWL.

    Anyway, heres a small bit of news to pass along to you. I sent a note to customer service last night and they responded early today. In a nutshell, it turns out that it is the same cowhide but not the exact same shrinking process. Good enough for me!
  6. I think the sirena is a little bit smoother than AWL, which may be a good thing. Sometimes AWL had quite a large grain that I did not like.
  7. I wonder if it will be lighter. I love AWL but it is pretty heavy.
  8. The newer AWL was too much like vinyl. Maybe this new stuff will be different.
  9. I 'tried' on the bag. Did you know the model can grow or shrink? Too cute!
  10. I am so happy that there is a new leather line at dooney! I try to stay away from anything fabric. In part it is because I don't think it will stand up as well and the other part is that I LOVE leather. Especially the soft leather!! LOL.
  11. I wouldn't have seen that.
  12. I'll have to check into that. Thanks for the info.