Is Silverado Python Hign Maintance or Everyday?

  1. My new Silverado Python bag is perplexing. Is this a very durable bag or do you have to be very careful with it? Do the scales fall off if you are careless or, else are they really reliance like a snake and you can toss the bag around without worry that one of these scale will fall off or turn up? Can you Ladies advice me?
  2. Good question, I'd like to know this too! Help Girls!
  3. Please!!!
  4. I have one but haven't carried it yet so I can't tell. But you can't put anything on python to treat it...I have an 04 and it looks to be in great shape. I think the scales near where the body rests against your bag can bend up slightly. The newer version of python silverados is more durable than the earlier ones as they put a plastic coating on them to protect the scales more (per my pal Greendrv!). As for rain, etc, I won't be carrying mine in the bad weather just in case. Hope this helps some!
  5. The python bags are definitely more fragile. Python scales in general will peel through normal use, and if not careful, the scales will flake off. An example of this is a current auction of a two-tone brown python silverado on ebay. It's gorgeous, but some scales have flaked out due to negligence. And definitely don't use it in the rain, or apply any product to it because the product will also cause the scales to flake off.
  6. Greendrv thanks for the advice! I WILL be following this ;)
  7. Thanks Greendrv & Twinklette, I have a Python Silverado Hobo on hold and am wondering if I should get it???
  8. What color? Why wouldn't you get it?
  9. The color is cafe. It's expensive and wanted to make sure I could carry it without worrying too much about it!
  10. Thanks for the feedback, I will be careful and not get it wet or abuse it. It is a cool bag. Very light and everything just fits you don't have to fumble for your stuff, and you can use the exterior sides that turn into the handles for temporarily holding stuff.
  11. Hi! I only have 2 Silverado bags. Both of them are python Silverados. Anyway, they're a bit more fragile than the normal Silverado bags. For example, they're very squishy for some reason. I don't think you have to be very careful though. They're amazing!
  12. My scales on the Python bag ended up turning up. I didnt even use it much, but then again, it was a little too close to the heater. It was very dissapointing to me. I paid so much for it.
  13. I don't know if the scales can fall off very easily, but they do turn up. When I still had my Python Silverado the scales curled mostly underneath the strap that fastens the bag and on the 2 outer edges where the scales are a bit larger. It was still gorgeous though, but I did baby my bag a great deal. It is durable, but I don't think it is a bag you can just throw around. :flowers: